19 August 2010

A fan of jazz music has given a young Sydney "cool school" saxophonist the chance to play alongside some of Australia's leading musicians this weekend.

Ross Harrington, 20, of Stanmore, recently won the inaugural Irene Malcolm Scholarship for best performed jazz student at The Con - an award worth $5,000 but also a place on the stage at a Sensational Sunday concert.

Sunday's concert in the Verbrugghen Hall - Jazz and the Abstract Truth - will feature stellar performers of the genre such as Judy Bailey, Warwick Alder, Craig Scott, Kevin Hunt, Steve Brien, David Theak, Andrew Dickeson and Mike Nock.

Harrington, who is in his third year of a Bachelor of Music Performance degree, has been playing the alto sax since he was 10 years old - the first five years linked to classical music and the past five devoted to mastering the American West Coast style of jazz.

"When I started thinking about a possible career path it made sense to think more jazz saxophone thanclassical saxophone," he comments.

"The chance to play beside such seasoned exponents on Sunday is just incredible. I'm going to learn so much in that one concert just standing on the stage.

"I couldn't be more thankful for the scholarship. All I know about Irene Malcolm is that she attends a lot of the Sensational Sunday concerts, and has a soft spot for jazz. Hopefully I will meet her after the show."

Harrington hopes to get a "double dose" of experience via close proximity when his band - "West Coast Quartet," made up of Con students - plays later this month at the Hermann's Bar, University of Sydney, with American trumpet legend Don Rader (ex Woody Herman and Count Basie orchestras).

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