In the media - My Sauce Good a big hit

19 August 2010

Alumni Veren Grigorov is currently touring Ireland with his acoustic trio of violin, vocals and guitar, "My Sauce Good."

According to the "Westmeath Independent," the trio is generating sell-out performances featuring "addictive French Swing, original tunes, soulful Latin-American folksong, a haunting Hebrew lullaby, Bohemian Jazz from the 1920s onwards and contemporary songs given a new lease of life."

A review of a concert this week said: "Uniquely Australian, My Sauce Good is fun, flavoursome and stylish with a cheeky edge. The musicians' diverse cultural and linguistic origins reflect the country's lesser-known history of migration and dislocation, longing and belonging, of identities lost, challenged and reclaimed."

Grigorov studied at the Con, Vienna and Hannover. He has toured, performed and composed music for TV and theatre productions such as Barrie Kosky's The Golem and Baz Luhrmann's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

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