In the media - Vatche and Jee-Yong in competition

30 August 2010

Young pianists studying at The Con, Vatche Jambazian, of Castle Hill, and Jee-Yong Kim, of Carlingford, are vying for the crown of best classical pianist in Australia.

They are among 13 pianists aged between 21-35 who have been invited to contest the Australian National Piano Awards in Shepparton, Victoria from 6-11 September.

The pair will be competing for a $20,000 cash prize, as well as concert engagements and international recognition.

Vatche, 23, is completing his Bachelor of Music Degree (Honours), while Jee-Yong, 23, is completing his PhD.

"I hope to get as much exposure and experience out of the awards as possible. It is the most important thing for a young artist to have good exposure to be successful,'' Vatche told the Hills News.

"My first recollection of hearing the piano played was on an awful, 50-year-old, out of tune piano, during kindergarten song time. I remember imagining myself playing the tunes instead of my teacher. That was my inspiration."

Jee-Yong told the Hills News:"I believe piano offers a lot more possibilities than other instruments in terms of colour, sound production and volume. I'm looking forward to the performance experience I will get and the opportunity to meet other pianists my age from outside NSW."

Vatche Jambazian was recently awarded the John and Dorothy Vimpani Piano Scholarship. Jee-Yong Kim was a semi-finalist in the Russian Music International Piano Competition in San Jose last year.

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