In the media - Charismatic by name and nature

2 September 2010

Sydney trio "Charisma", made up of Con graduates Roslyn Dunlop and Julia Ryder and The Con's Chair of the Ensembles Studies Unit and Senior Lecturer in Accompaniment, David Miller, is currently on a concert tour of Queensland.

Founded in 1995 by clarinetist Dunlop and cellist Ryder, the original duo explored and developed music for clarinet and cello, premiering many works, establishing an international reputation and receiving critical acclaim.

Miller joined on in 2004 and as a trio, built on their well-established reputation as an engaging and innovative ensemble, the Toowoomba Times has reported.

"Charisma is the name of a famous piece by the great twentieth Century composer Xenakis — Charisma for Cello and Clarinet," Ms Dunlop said in a recent interview.

"It is a work which we have played a number of times and we also love the literal meaning of the word — 'to inspire enthusiasm'."

"That was eight years ago and since, we have performed most of the major works for this combination and numerous composers have written original pieces for us."

The group concentrates its performances on works spanning four centuries and four continents, including many written especially for them by composers from Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe.

Contact: Mick Le Moignan

Phone: 02 9351 1385

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