In the media - All hands on deck

7 October 2010

Con lecturer Clemens Leske and Alumni Guy Noble are providing four of the 18 hands performing in the Steinway Spectacular this week.

The concert is made up of arrangements of classical favourites, including Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, Ravel's Bolero and Chopsticks. They are played on eight Steinway grand pianos on the one stage at the City Recital Hall.

Leske, who started playing the piano when he was seven, told the Northern District Times: "It's an unusual set-up, eight pianos is a bit of a logistical problem but it is done amazingly. Each pianist has their own personality and ego so we work to suppress egos and get along with each other as an ensemble.

"It's a privilege to play the wonderful repertoire of the masters. You can communicate the psychology of what's behind the music to the audience."

He added:"It's a great feeling to see your students take those little steps with your help."

Conductor and host Noble commented: "Eight pianos playing Ravel's Bolero makes more noise than an orchestra."

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