In the media - Debut album for Marita

15 October 2010

Alumni and singer-songwriter Marita Mangano has written 11 original songs for her debut album "Binalong Blue."

Brisbane-born Mangano, who started her career with folk/rock band Natives of Bedlam in 1990, studied jazz vocals at The Con after moving to Sydney in 1995.

She later performed with acid jazz/funk act Love Monkeys and Latin rock band Black Market, before moving to Tasmania in 2000.

The Hobart Mercury reports that Mangano's new album features Mangano (vocals, guitar, hand percussion) accompanied by guitar guru Pete Cornelius (guitar, double bass, keyboards, accordion, drums, harmonica) and fellow East Coast musicians Simon Holmes (electric and double bass), Lila Meleisea (saxophones, flute, kora) and Astrid Hunkler.

The album is a mixture of full-on rock to folk, country, blues and gospel.

She performs at venues and festivals all over Tasmania, and won Unions Tasmania's May Day Song Contest.

Contact: Mick Le Moignan

Phone: 02 9351 1385

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