In the media - Chris is hands on

15 October 2010

Alumni Chris Komorowski, now a professional solo jazz guitarist, has released his debut album "As I Hear It," which is based around his technique of sounding like several people playing guitars.

Komorowski, who draws inspiration from UK jazz guitarist Martin Taylor, achieves the sound by playing different songs parts- usually three - including bass, chords and melodies with his hands.

He told the Penrith Press: "On guitar I either play whole-handedly or break my hand up into different parts to get the different sections."

"I started playing guitar when I was seven years old. I don't know why but I became obsessed with it."

His thesis at The Con Komorowski was heavily based on a selection of Taylor's musical arrangements.

"That's what I like about music, the science behind it," Komorowski said. "I like the intellectual side and blending it to the creative side. With jazz you have a lot of freedom. It's very different to something like country music, which I grew up playing.

"I get inspired to play different things."

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