In the media - Another first for Stephanie

21 October 2010

Con senior lecturer and pianist Stephanie McCallum has added another first to her career - an inaugural performance tour to Darwin.

McCallum is recognized as the first person to record, publish and perform possibly the last piece written by famous German composer Ludwig van Beethoven, Bagatelle in F minor, and the first person to play French composer Charles Valentin Alkan's Chants and Trois Grandes √Čtudes.

Her concerts at the Darwin Entertainment Centre featured works by composers Beethoven, Alkan, Franz Liszt, Robert Schumann and Australian Roger Smalley.

She told the Darwin Palmerston Sun: "The piece by Roger Smalley is a cute, playful, brilliant short piano work.

"Alkan is my special thing; it's very interesting as he comes from the same time as Chopin and Liszt. Alkan was pretty much a recluse, wrote huge pieces for piano that took a lot of time to learn.

"Beethoven used to carry bits of music paper with him all the time in his sketchbooks. He worked and worked at things, he said it was a bad habit he picked up."

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