In the media - Som on a roll since Juilliard

18 November 2010

Som Howie
Som Howie

Som Howie is so glad he picked up a clarinet as a stunt when he was 12 years old.

The 20-year-old Con student was a member of the Chamber Orchestra's pioneering concert tour of the USA last month.

He told the Hornsby Advocate: "When I was still in primary school a friend of my father was making a film and asked me if I would pretend to be playing the clarinet.

"My dad was a very good piano player but I never had any plans to follow him as a musician. But playing the clarinet for that film got me going. Ever since I've just loved it."

On his return from the US, Howie was selected in the Australian Youth Orchestra and the Sydney Symphonia, and won the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Fellowship.

"It's all been awesome," Howie said. "Because Australia is so far away we disregard ourselves. We put places like Juilliard or the Royal College in London on a pedestal but when you meet the students they are just like us.

"Collaborating with them was the best because you get to talk to them and compare educations."

"The trip has given me so much motivation so I'm really pushing myself."

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