In the media - Brandenburg comes of age

29 November 2010

Alumnus Paul Dyer, who this year is celebrating the 21st birthday of the Brandenburg Orchestra, well remembers the prediction of his piano teacher when 17 years old: "She said to me, 'You haven't got the killer instinct, you're not going to make it'. It tore me apart."

But as history clearly reveals, Dyer has "made it."

Now preparing for the 12th annual Noel Noel concert series, performed by the orchestra and choir in churches in Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle, he told the Sydney Morning Herald:

"I thought, 'You know what, lady? I don't need the killer instinct. It's a kind of 19th-century thing. I don't want that."'

Dyer, who graduated from The Con with a double degree, spent five years studying and playing in Europe before he returned to Sydney to direct a concert for the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

He founded the Brandenburg with general manager Bruce Applebaum in 1989, later forming the orchestra with people he knew would be the best for playing baroque music to the highest standard, and would join him in appealing to people who might not be familiar with classical music.

Violinist Madeleine Easton, now based in London, was taught by Dyer at the Sydney Conservatorium before joining the Brandenburg and rising to the rank of first violin. She told The Sydney Morning Herald: "He is incredibly communicative during a performance.

You look in his face and nothing needs to be said, it's all there."

The orchestra's first concert at the Opera House was performed on mostly borrowed instruments. Today the Brandenburg has built a subscription audience of more than 35,000.

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