In the media - Colin makes French cut

1 December 2010

Internationally acclaimed composer and sound artist, Colin Black, has claimed a place among the finalists 22 for the 2010 Prix Phonurgia Nova Awards in Arles, France.

The Con Doctorate candidate earned a place in the final for his new work Kilian's Antipodean Dream(duration 51:00). The work is based on the true story of the Sorb pastor Jan Kilian (1811-1884) who, to keep his Old Lutheran faith from the clutches of the Prussian government, dreamt of salvation in a foreign land.

To create this new work Black traveled to Kilian's homeland in Upper Lusatia (East Germany) and made location recordings of Kilian's churches, his home, interviewed Sorbs, researched historical documents and recorded Kilian's text on location.

The Prix Phonurgia Nova received 147 productions from 15 countries, and after several rounds of selection Black's work is one of the 22 that will be judged on December 11.

Black holds a Degree in Contemporary Music from the University of New England and an Honorary Graduate Diploma from the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

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