Online training for the University's expense management system, Spendvision

11 May 2012

Procurement Services, in collaboration with Information and Communications Technology, has developed online training for the University's expense management system, Spendvision. The online model, consisting of a series of 20-minute modules, replaces the three-hour classroom training previously available. These modules are now accessible to staff through CareerPath to complete on-demand and self-paced.


To develop the tool, Procurement Services carried out an extensive consultative process with user groups. As a result, each module has been developed based on frequently asked questions and direct user feedback.


If you are a new cardholder, please submit your corporate card application to the Corporate Card Helpdesk. Once your application has been approved, you will be automatically enrolled in training and will receive an email notification from the helpdesk to advise you to complete it. Please note, all cardholders must complete training prior to receiving a corporate card.


Online training is also available to current cardholders who wish to undertake a comprehensive refresher course. Cardholders must email the Corporate Card Helpdesk to request access.


In addition, short support videos are available to staff on a series of topics including coding corporate card transactions, cash claims, completing monthly statements, and creating travel requisitions.


The following training is provided via CareerPath:

  • Using Spendvision for Corporate Card, Cash Claims & Travel
  • Using Spendvision for Corporate Card and Cash Claims
  • Using Spendvision for Travel only


For further information, please contact the Corporate Card Helpdesk.




Steps to obtain a Corporate Card and/or Spendvision access