Climate change and Australia

7 May 2012

Professor Ben Saul and Associate Professor Tim Stephens contribute to this new book which aims to provide a clear, balanced account of the science on climate change, how it is affecting the planet and Australia, and the policy options available to Australia and the world to deal with it.

Climate Change and Australia, co-authored with Professor Steven Sherwood, Professor Jane McAdam and James Slezak, examines the following topics in detail:

  • Warming to a Global Challenge
  • A Crisis in Slow Motion: The Science of Global Warming and the Response Needed
  • Climate Change and Australia: A Vulnerable Continent in a Vulnerable Region
  • Global Climate Law and Politics:
  • From Rio to CancĂșn and Beyond
  • Australia's Response to Climate Change
  • Climate Change 'Refugees'?
  • Climate-Related Displacement and Migration
  • 'Climate Wars'?
  • Conflict, Security and Climate Change