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November 2011
Climate Change and Australia   View Summary
7 November 2011
Climate Change in AustraliaProfessor Ben Saul and Dr Tim Stephens contribute to this new book which aims to provide a clear, balanced account of the science on climate change, how it is affecting the planet and Australia, and the policy options available to Australia and the world to deal with it.
October 2011
Off-shore processing of Ayslum Seekers    View Summary
19 October 2011
Labour and the Opposition have made a right political meal of the appropriate response to the off-shore processing of Asylum Seekers, write Professor Mary Crock and Anna Boucher in the The Canberra Times.
SCIL congratulations to Dr James Renwick SC   View Summary
11 October 2011
SCIL congratulations Centre Associate Dr James Renwick SC on his appointment this month as Senior Counsel.
September 2011
Australia's lost opportunity to condemn racism    View Summary
21 September 2011
Ben Saul writes in 'The Drum' about why Australia should attend a UN meeting against racism later this month.
New Book: 'Environmental Law and Sustainability after Rio'    View Summary
14 September 2011
SCIL member, Ben Boer has co-edited a new book, 'Environmental Law and Sustainability after Rio'.
August 2011
Asylum-seekers branded a risk by ASIO appeal to UN   View Summary
29 August 2011
Ben Saul is co-ordinating a complaint on behalf of 38 asylum seekers to the United Nations Human Rights Committee, after ASIO declared them threats to national security.
Ben Saul represents David Hicks in complaint against Australia   View Summary
22 August 2011
BenSaulProfessor Ben Saul represents David Hicks in his complaint against Australia to the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva.
Conference - International Law and the Periphery   View Summary
22 August 2011
CairoConference - International Law and the Periphery 17-19 February 2012 at American University in Cairo, Egypt
Can Australia revive the free trade agreement with Japan after the disasters   View Summary
8 August 2011
Luke Nottage writes in The Conversation about the incentives for Japan to resume free trade agreement negotiations with Australia.
Conference - Human Rights:Old Dichotomies Revisited   View Summary
2 August 2011
Together with the The Julius Stone Institute of Jurisprudence we are pleased to announce a major conference being held in November 2011.
July 2011
Fault-lines in Immigration Policy: The Harvard-Sydney Immigration Summit 2011   View Summary
26 July 2011
On 22 July, the Law School co-hosted with Harvard University and the US Studies Centre an international conference entitled: Fault-lines in Immigration Policy: The Harvard-Sydney Immigration Summit 2011.
June 2011
Papers and podcast now available: Private International Law   View Summary
21 June 2011
On 16 May, the Sydney Centre for International Law presented a seminar on The future of private international law in Australia. Papers and a podcast are now available online.
New Guiding Principles on Business and human rights endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council   View Summary
21 June 2011
The United Nations Human Rights Council has endorsed a new set of Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights.
Litigating before the WTO Apellate Body    View Summary
15 June 2011
On 22 June 2011, David Unterhalter, Member of the World Trade Organization will give a public lecture on the various aspects of disputes in the WTO dispute settlement system.
Global Alliance against Terrorism for a Just Peace, International Conference.    View Summary
15 June 2011
During May 2011 Centre member Ben Saul met Iranian President Ahmadinejad in Tehran, as a speaker at the International Conference on Global Alliance against Terrorism for a Just Peace.
International Economic Law Interest Group Symposium   View Summary
1 June 2011
On 25 February 2011 SCIL and the Australia New Zealand Society for International law co-hosted an International Economic Law Interest Group Symposium.
May 2011
Delivered from evil ... to a minefield of law and consequence   View Summary
4 May 2011
Was America's killing of Osama Bin Laden lawful or an extrajudicial assassination? The answer depends on two key areas of international law, the use of force, and international humanitarian law writes Ben Saul in The Drum.
April 2011
IHL event during Law Week    View Summary
29 April 2011
Rebels, bodyguards and sympathisers - when does a civilian become a fighter?
Israel boycott needs targeted approach   View Summary
29 April 2011
Dr Ben Saul writes in The Drum Opinion that the discrediting of a Sydney local council and the Greens for proposing to boycott Israel has been savage and effective.
March 2011
Bombing for humanity is not a paradox   View Summary
22 March 2011
Dr Ben Saul comments on the recent UN Security Council intervention in Libya.
February 2011
Amnesty International Delegation to Cambodia   View Summary
25 February 2011
In late February 2011, Associate Professor Ben Saul visited Cambodia as an international law delegate of the International Secretariat of Amnesty International in London.
Terrorism Research Influences Courts Abroad   View Summary
25 February 2011
Associate Professor Ben Saul's research on anti-terrorism in law has influenced two recent decisions of foreign courts. In February 2011, the Appeals Chamber of the United Nations Special Tribunal for Lebanon drew on Dr Saul's research in considering whether terrorism is now a crime under customary international law.
January 2011
The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development   View Summary
4 January 2011
The 20th anniversary edition of the Human Development Report was launched in Sydney on 15 December at the Law School.