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November 2012
Refugees, Detention and the United Nations   View Summary
21 November 2012
Professor Ben Saul outlines his involvement in the case of two refugees in detention that has attracted the attention of the United Nations Human Rights Committee.
October 2012
ASIO, Indefinite Detention and Refugees   View Summary
23 October 2012
Decent democracies do not tolerate indefinite detention without trial, based on secret evidence, merely because it is convenient, and whatever the human costs, writes Professor Ben Saul in the wake of the High Court decision concerning ASIO and indefinite detention of refugees.
Creating New Futures for All   View Summary
23 October 2012
Creating New Futures for All: Children, Youth, Disability and Situations of Forced Migration conference will be held from 28-30 November 2012 in the New Law Building, The University of Sydney.
Does Australia deserve a seat on the Security Council?   View Summary
23 October 2012
Ben Saul examines the merits of Australia's performance as a good global citizen in the lead-up to the vote.
Trapped in the puzzle of security   View Summary
8 October 2012
Ben Saul writes in an opinion piece in the SMH that the focus on offshore processing has overshadowed a quieter humanitarian crisis in Australia's immigration detention centres.
September 2012
The Law of the Sea   View Summary
27 September 2012
Associate Professor Tim Stephens discusses public international law, national and international environmental law and the law of the sea with Margaret Throsby on ABC Radio Classic FM.
The Persecution of David Hicks   View Summary
13 September 2012
The admission by prosecutors that evidence from Guantanamo probably would not pass muster in an Australian court is the closest we have come to a formal acknowledgment by any Australian authority that Hicks' military trial was defective by ordinary standards of justice, writes Professor Ben Saul.
August 2012
Justice in Julian's weird Wiki-world   View Summary
20 August 2012
Ben Saul discusses the legal dimensions surrounding Britain's threat to enter Ecuador's embassy to arrest Julian Assange and Ecuador's granting of asylum to him in an opinion piece published in The Age.
Pacific Solution #2 sparks humanitarian concerns   View Summary
14 August 2012
Mary Crock, Daniel Ghezelbash and Jane McAdam write on Crikey about the expert panel report on asylum seekers.
July 2012
Distinguished Speakers Program: The Right Honourable the Lord Kerr of Tonaghmore   View Summary
16 July 2012
The Australian internet activist, the radical Jordanian cleric and the English businessman - recent cases concerning the UK's extradition obligations.
The Iraq War   View Summary
2 July 2012
The contrast to Britain's collective soul-searching over the Iraq War through the Chilcott Inquiry could not be more stark than in Australia, writes Ben Saul.
June 2012
Op-ed by Ben Saul on Assange's asylum bid   View Summary
21 June 2012
The Australian has published an op-ed co-authored by Professor Ben Saul, entitled 'Assange's Asylum Bid is Baseless and Ecuador's Motives are Suspect'.
Now available: 2011 Australian International Law Journal   View Summary
1 June 2012
The 2011 Australian International Law Journal, published by the Australian Branch of the International Law Association, in conjunction with the Sydney Centre for International Law, is now available.
Now available: 2011 Australian International Law Journal   View Summary
1 June 2012
The 2011 Australian International Law Journal, published by the Australian Branch of the International Law Association, in conjunction with the Sydney Centre for International Law, is now available.
May 2012
Seminar: Law governance and justice in the Mekong   View Summary
22 May 2012
Fleur Johns and Philip Hirsch will be speaking about the role of laws and lawyers among technologies of governance operative in the Mekong River Basin in a seminar on 25 May 2012.
Climate change and Australia    View Summary
7 May 2012
Professor Ben Saul and Associate Professor Tim Stephens contribute to this new book which aims to provide a clear, balanced account of the science on climate change, how it is affecting the planet and Australia, and the policy options available to Australia and the world to deal with it
The Himalayan Field School ideal for careers in development   View Summary
2 May 2012
Professor Ben Saul discusses Sydney Law School's unique offshore program in Nepal, ideal for law students wanting careers in human rights and development.
Ben Saul awarded Inaugural Peter Lyon Memorial Prize   View Summary
2 May 2012
Professor Ben Saul has been awarded the inaugural Peter Lyon Memorial Prize for the best annual policy-oriented article published in The Round Table: The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs.
April 2012
James Crawford honoured by ASIL    View Summary
26 April 2012
James Crawford was awarded the Manley O. Hudson medal by ASIL at their Annual Conference in Washington DC in March this year.
International relations publication    View Summary
23 April 2012
Charlotte Epstein, has recently been published in 'International Organization', making her the only Australian scholar to have been published there.
March 2012
Sydney Law School Wins Dusseldorf Invitational Vis "Pre-Moot"   View Summary
26 March 2012
A team from Sydney Law School has won the 2012 Vis Invitational "Pre-Moot", which was held on the weekend of 24-25 March in Düsseldorf, Germany.
SCIL welcomes new Centre interns.    View Summary
19 March 2012
SCIL welcomes Samantha Brown, Diana Hu and Nathan Li as Centre interns. The Centre is very grateful for the valuable contribution interns make to the work of the Centre.
February 2012
Evolution in Investment Treaty and Arbitration    View Summary
29 February 2012
Congratulations to Associate Professor Chester Brown and Dr Kate Miles on winning the International Dispute Resolution-related Book of the Year.
2012 Jessup Moot Competition    View Summary
7 February 2012
2012 Sydney Law School Jessup TeamCongratulations to our Jessup Team on its achievements in this year's National Competition.
January 2012
SCIL hosts 2 international guest speakers in February    View Summary
31 January 2012
In February SCIL is delighted to be hosting two international guest speakers August Reinisch and Claudio Grossman who will share their expertise in a lunchtime seminar on 16 February and an evening seminar on 23 February.