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November 2013
SBS Online published an op-ed about anti-corruption legislation   View Summary
28 November 2013
Co-authored by Associate Professor Fleur Johns from Sydney Law School and David Hertzberg, an intern from the Sydney Centre for International Law.
#315: Australia's Asylum Seeker Policy - Mary Crock   View Summary
19 November 2013
On the 12th November, Professor Mary Crock had an interview with the 315th La Trobe University podcast who are a part of the Australian Politics Collection.
September 2013
Justice means the end to all casualties in Syria by Malcolm Jorgensen   View Summary
13 September 2013
Unusually for an Australian election a substantive debate over foreign policy has entered the campaign. Pronouncements on military intervention in Syria demonstrate significant differences in the world views of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.
August 2013
Strike against Syria can be illegal but moral   View Summary
30 August 2013
There is no legal right to use military force to prevent future chemical weapons attacks, even if their use makes the moral and political case for action more compelling, writes Professor Ben Saul.
Inefficient Coalition asylum policy will flood the courts   View Summary
19 August 2013
The Coalition's new policy on asylum will degrade administrative decision-making, undermine accountability of public power, and leave refugees in a permanent state of psychological and legal limbo, writes Professor Ben Saul.
Foreign Minister Senator The Hon. Bob Carr speaks on Australia's Foreign Policy   View Summary
16 August 2013
On 16 August, the Sydney Centre for International Law (SCIL) hosted a visit by the Foreign Minister, Senator The Hon. Bob Carr to speak on Australia's Foreign Policy for a talk on Australia's Foreign Policy.
July 2013
The Refugee Convention and "Border Protection"   View Summary
24 July 2013
The UN Refugee Convention has its limits but its essential principles remain eternally valid and precious, writes Professor Ben Saul.
SCIL remembers a cherished colleague: Deborah Cass, 1960-2013   View Summary
23 July 2013
SCIL members mourn the loss of international lawyer Deborah Cass and celebrate the extraordinary life she lived.
International Court of Justice to decide what science is in whaling case   View Summary
17 July 2013
Associate Professor Tim Stephens says Australia's legal case against Japan's whaling program requires the International Court of Justice to decide what science is.
June 2013
Torture: The Main Feature   View Summary
21 June 2013
Associate Professor Fleur Johns will join a Q&A panel discussion of the influence of film on our perceptions of torture and surrounding public debate.
Retooling: Techniques for an Uncertain World   View Summary
21 June 2013
SCIL collaborated with Sydney Ideas and CAPLUS on a wonderful public lecture and discussion featuring Annelise Riles, Jack G. Clarke Professor of Far East Legal Studies and Professor of Anthropology at Cornell University.
SCIL Advisory Board Member Awarded AC   View Summary
14 June 2013
SCIL Advisory Board member, Professor James Crawford SC, has been recognized in the Queen's Birthday Honours List
May 2013
Is Abbott wrong to talk of 'illegals'?   View Summary
29 May 2013
Greg Dyett reports on the use of the term 'illegals' for boat people.
Now available: Australian International Law Journal Vol 19, 2012   View Summary
22 May 2013
This issue covers cyberspace, libel tourism in Australia, WTO Membership, illegal timber importation regulation, international arbitration in Australia, deep seabed mining and more, as well as symposium papers, case notes on recent decisions and book reviews.
April 2013
Opinion piece by Malcolm Jorgensen: Howard fails in his defence of road to war   View Summary
17 April 2013
In Malcolm Jorgensen's opinion, John Howard's decision to commit Australia to the 2003 Iraq war remains as indefensible as it was 10 years ago.
Book launch: Commentaries on Selected Model Investment Treaties   View Summary
17 April 2013
Sydney Centre for International Law is pleased to announce the book launch of Commentaries on Selected Model Investment Treaties by Professor Chester Brown
February 2013
Non-Legality in International Law    View Summary
5 February 2013
Associate Professor Fleur Johns' new book is an unprecedented study of that which international lawyers cast outside or against law.
SCIL Talks: Big ideas from our experts in international law    View Summary
5 February 2013
Centre experts have presented four intriguing ideas in a series of short videos.
SCIL International Law Year in Review Conference    View Summary
5 February 2013
SCIL is delighted to present the inaugural International Law Year in Review Conference on 22 February 2013.