Science photographer profiled by ABC Science

18 October 2012

The work of Malcolm Ricketts, science photographer and member of the School of Biological Sciences, has this month been made the feature of an Australian Broadcasting Corporation photo gallery.

Science photographer Malcolm Ricketts
Science photographer Malcolm Ricketts

Many people take happy-snaps of plants and animals, but in his photographs, Malcolm captures the biological detail necessary for scientific research. "I'm glad my images can help promote biology and scientific imaging within the community," he said.

Indeed his stunning photographs have been extensively featured in the Macleay Museum exhibition The Meaning of Life - celebrating 50 years of the School of Biological Sciences. Of his work, Head of School Robyn Overall, said "a long overdue recognition of his superb imaging skills. It really struck me when I was looking for images for the exhibition with him just how knowledgeable he was about the diversity of the School's research."

In addition to a selection of his photographs, the ABC Science gallery features information about the science behind each of the photos and an interview with Malcolm. He said, "it makes me proud to have my photos displayed and gives me something to show my kids and friends."

Ever humble, for this honour Malcolm simply said, "I'm happy to think others like my photos. It might also encourage me to take more photos!"