Semester 1, 2013 Honours Introductory Seminar

1 March 2013

Please join us to hear our semester 1 honours students give their introductory seminars on March 1st.

Hear the latest cohort of students share their plans for 2013 before joining us for refreshments. Whether you're a weather-beaten old Professor or a bright-eyed undergrad, there's something for everyone.

All welcome.

1.30-1.42pm Sarah Beaumont - Dieter Hochuli
Does time heal all wounds? Determining the long-term trajectory of urban restoration efforts in the Cumberland Plain Woodland

1.42-1:54pm Alicia Boyd - Peter McGee & Thomas Tendo Mukasa Mugerwa
Impacts of melanitic endophytic fungi and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on soil aggregation and carbon sequestration

1.54-2.06pm Zoe Britton-Harper - Robyn Overall
Plasmodesmata: pitfalls in pit fields

2.06-2.18pm Ireni Clarke - Mathieu Lihoreau & Steve Simpson
Collective nutrition in Drosophila and the influence of genetic group composition

2.18-2.30pm Jordan Krucler - Clare McArthur & Peter Banks
Possum personality traits: comparative methodologies and links to habitat use

2.30-2.50pm Afternoon Tea

2.50-3.02pm Ashley Montagu - Nate Lo & Ben Oldroyd
Pleometrosis in the Termite Species Nasutitermes exitiosus: Genetic Polyethism and Conflicts in Reproduction

3.02-3.14pm Alexandra Richardson - Fiona Clissold & Steve Simpson
Linking morphometrics of grasshopper mandibles with functional outcomes

3.14-3.26pm Amelia Saul - Peter Banks & Charlotte Taylor
Aliens replacing natives: are black rats effective substitutes for extinct mammalian pollinators?

3.26-3.38pm Jun Tong - Nate Lo, Dieter Hochuli & Simon Ho
Digging deep: charting the evolution of soil and wood burrowing cockroaches

3.40pm Please join us for refreshments

Time: 1.30pm

Location: DT Anderson LT

Cost: Nil

Contact: Joanna Malyon

Phone: +61 2 9351 2369

Email: 2722125a5b5663345202342a1a1122492a5e56106b285242461507