Futurescapes: urban ecology in a changing world

21 November 2012

Join us for this special lecture by Associate ProfessorDieter Hochuli as part of the 50th birthday celebrations for the School of Biological Sciences.

Associate Professor Dieter Hochuli
Associate Professor Dieter Hochuli

In a rapidly urbanising world, the conservation of natural systems and the services they provide is often dismissed as a hopeless cause. Associate Professor Dieter Hochuli examines the ecology of Sydney past, present and future to tackle one of the big questions of our time: Is biodiversity in cities doomed?

Time: 6pm

Location: Macleay Museum

Cost: Free

Contact: Cecily Oakley

Phone: 02 9351 4543

Email: 205a073c191818342113543c282d5c24273a46143e

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