Semester 2, 2012 Honours Final Seminar

14 March 2013

So what's it all come to? Please join us to hear our semester 2 Honours students give their final seminars on March 14.

Hear them outline their results and what they mean before joining us for refreshments afterwards.

Download book of abstracts

All welcome.

Chairs - Dieter Hochuli & Simon Ho

1.30pm Welcome -Dieter Hochuli (Co-Chair)

1.35-1.50pm Samantha McCann -M.Greenlees / R.Shine
Thermal tolerance and micro habitat use of cane toads (Rhinella marina) in Northern NSW

1.50-2.05pm Jessie McKenna -M.Thompson / K.Belov
Linking embryo survival and cancer susceptibility: using skinks to investigate angiogenesis

2.05-2.20pm Katherine Roth -B.Oldroyd / M.Beekman
The evolution of eusociality and the Reproductive Ground Plan hypothesis

2.20-2.35pm Rachel Tucker -B.Oldroyd / T. Latty / M.Duncan (UWS)
Usurping the throne: Developing a trap forApis mellifera queens

2.35-2.50pm Stuart Foggo -C.Taylor / R.Major (Aus. Museum)
Patterns in agonistic behaviour of the Noisy Miner (Manorina melanocephala)

2.50-3.05pm Charles Foster-S.Ho / B.Conn / M.Henwood
Systematic relationships within Logania (Loganiaceae): how do they relate to the geological history of Australia?

3.05-3.20pm Dan Watts -D.Hochuli
The effect of artificial night lighting on the ecology of nocturnal insects

3.20-3.40pm Afternoon Tea

3.40-3.55pm Ryan Leonard -D. Hochuli & C. McArthur
Another one bites the dust - the effects of wind and dust on plant-animal interactions

3.55-4.10pm Claire MacAlpine -D.Hochuli / S.Wilder
How floral traits affect host choice in crab spiders and their prey

4.10-4.25pm Song-Hee Schumacher -A.Ward / R.Coleman
Fishing for information: Investigating learning and information use in social groups of mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki)

4.25-4.40pm Jesse Hawley -S.Wilder / S.Simpson
Flesh flies killed by protein: the influence of diet on the longevity and fecundity of acarnivore

4.40-4.55pm Emma Spencer -M.Crowther / C.Dickman
Predation risk and its effect on the foraging behaviour and habitat usage of desert rodents in the Simpson Desert, Queensland

4.55-5.10pmSteven Hawes -W.Figuera
Modelling tropical-temperate connectivity of marine fish: evaluating larval sources and the importance of biophysical transport processes

5.10pm Refreshments

Time: 1.30pm

Location: DT Anderson LT

Contact: Joanna Malyon

Phone: +61 2 9351 2369

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