Postgraduate Showcase

13 June 2013

Join us for this important event on the School's calendar, which showcases the abundant talent of the School's postgraduates. This is a great opportunity for you to interact with our Postgraduate students and learn about the wide range of projects they are researching.

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Co-Chairs Dr  Matthew Greenlees, Dr  Camilla Whittington & Dr James Van Dyke

9.30am - 10.00am Registration

10.00am Welcome by  Associate Professor Peter Banks

10.05am Daej Arab
Australian Nasutitermitinae Phylogenetics and Evolution

10.25am Kerrie Bennison
Dingoes in arid Australia - good, bad or indifferent? Research to guide vertebrate pest and fauna management in semi-arid national parks

10.45am Joshua Christie
Biting the hand that feeds: genomic conflict in the acellular slime mould Physarum polycephalum

11.05am Morning tea

11.25am Steve Doo
The role of large benthic foraminifera in a changing ocean at One Tree Reef

11.45am Natasha  Hardy
Apex predators and marine community dynamics: interactions between Australian Fur Seals (Arctocephalus pusillus doriferus) and marine parks in SE Australia

12.05am Christopher Hellyer
The Ecology and Population Dynamics of the Pipi, Donax deltoides

12.25 Lunch

1.15pm Rebecca Morris
Ecologically engineering seawalls using 'flower pots' to increase biodiversity

1.35pm Daniel Natusch
Resource use by snakes in Cape York Peninsula

1.55pm Lucy Taylor
Nature, who needs it? How urban animal and plant life affects human wellbeing

2.15pm Melinda  Wilson
The influence of bushfire on the hunting behaviour of dingoes, cats and foxes in central Australia


2.40pm Poster presentations by 2nd years


3.40pm Refreshments




Time: 9.30am Registration

Location: DT Anderson lecture theatre

Cost: No cost

Contact: Joanna Malyon

Phone: 9351 2369

Email: 3c3f0222250c4f20225c1a36562e00180c5c3f2f7f2f224342261b