Postgraduate Research Showcase

14 June 2012

Join us for this important event on the School's calendar, which showcases the abundant talent of the School's postgraduates. This is a great opportunity for you to interact with our Postgraduate students and learn about the wide range of projects they are researching.

Co-Chairs - Dr Mary Byrne, Associate Professor Ross Coleman and Associate Professor Peter Banks.

Morning tea, lunch & refreshments provided.



9.00-9.20am Registration

9.30am Welcome by the Chair of the Postgraduate Research Committee
Associate Professor Murray Henwood

Ella Brear
Characterisation of candidate symbiosome membrane proteins and their role in the legume-rhizobium symbiosis

Matthew Hansen
One amongst many: exploring the relationship between individuals and the group in fish shoals

Amanda Huen
Small Silencers: Mobility of Small RNAs in Nicotiana benthamiana

Petah Low
How do plant volatiles influence the interactions between plants, insect herbivores and their natural enemies?

11.00am Morning Tea

Phuc Vuong Nguyen
A theoretical framework for understanding population dynamics in a variable environment

Aline Martinez
Grazer-grazer interactions and habitat structure in rock pools and surrounding open rock shore

Uditha Magammanage Wijethunga
Hopping South: how will cane toads deal with the challenges arising from their invasion of NSW?

Helena Chan
Efficient inheritance mechanism of multiresistance plasmids in Staphylococcus aureus


Timothy Lee
Sex and caste determination in the Australian termites Schedorhinotermes intermedius and Coptotermes lacteus

Lizzy Lowe
The effect of urbanisation on the diversity, abundance and condition of spiders

Sebastian Duchene Garzon
Understanding evolutionary rate variation in viruses

Sonia Esteves Brazao
The nutritional ecology of limpets onNew South Walesrocky shores

2.50pm 2nd Year PosterPresentations

Clarissa Fraser
Trying to fit in: do barnacles limit limpet orientation?

Yaquiong Li
Extinction coefficient for red-shifted chlorophylls: Chlorophyll d and Chlorophyll f

Martyna Molak
Estimating evolutionary timescales using ancient DNA: Accounting for uncertainty in sample ages

Jacquelyn Simpson
Understanding plant uptake of organic and inorganic nitrogen for optimal fertiliser application in forestry plantations

Helen Smith
Replacing Natives with Aliens: Wildlife responses to black rat invasion in the Sydney Harbour National Park

Ximonie Clark
Size does matter

Frances Goudie
The evolution of the Clone: Selection maintains heterozygosity in a clonal population of honey bee (Apis mellifera capensis)

Linda Henderson
Effect of copper, lead and zinc on growth and zoospore release in four zoosporic fungi species

Rodrigo Siqueira Reis
Determining the structure and targets of the viral F-box-like silencing suppressor P0 proteins

Alvina Sarosh
Functional Dissection of the pSK41 Centromere

4.15pm Refreshments

RSVP by 6 June 2012 to

Time: 9.30am - 4.15pm

Location: Eastern Avenue Lecture Theatre

Cost: Free but RSVP essential

Contact: Joanna Malyon

Phone: +61 2 9351 2369

Email: 1a1d191d2f2969154a283a1c047626405445284c5b3012414917414f4a