Semester 1 Honours Final Seminar

20 September 2012

2:10pm, 20 September 2012

2.10-2.25pm Tracey Wright - N. Firth
Detecting the proteins that interact with replication initiator DnaA in Staphylococcus aureus

2.25-2.40pm Deborah Romero- P. Banks
Reinvasion of black rats across the urban/bushland interface: A test of the ideal-free distribution

2.40-2.55pm Daniel McLoughlin- N. Firth/ S Kwong
Prevalence and Stability of the CRISPRs in Staphylococcus

2.55-3.10pm Melanie Laird -M. Thompson / C. Murphy / B. McAllan
Uterine changes in marsupial dunnarts throughout pregnancy

3.10-3.25pm Ryan Keith- D. Hochuli / R. Coleman
Wrack and ruin? Impacts of coastal remodelling on arthropods at the land-sea interface

3.25-3.45pm Afternoon Tea

3.45-4.00pmStephanie Garside- W. Figuera / F. Seebacher
The physiological and behavioural responses of Tropical Damselfish to the temperate Sydney environment

4.00-4.15pm Andrew Daly- P. Banks
The role of olfactory cues in predator-prey interactions

4.15-4.30pm Elyce Coluccio- C. McArthur / P. Banks
Frugivory by rodents in a temperate eucalyptus woodland

4.30-4.45pm Heather Clarksen- M. Crowther / M. Fillios
Answering archaeological questions through modern ecological modeling: exposing the effect of the dingo (Canis lupus dingo) on Holocene human subsistence

Refreshments provided

Time: 2:00pm - 5:30pm

Location: DT Anderson LT

Cost: No Cost

Contact: Joanna Malyon

Phone: +61 2 9351 2369

Email: 5b2016450f567a550f393f244507071222240f3e7b5032395e044d