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November 2008
Medicos awarded Vietnam's highest health honour   View Summary
26 November 2008
Professor RobinsonSydney's medical experts awarded Vietnam's People's Health Medal.
Cancer study a world first    View Summary
26 November 2008
cancerA research study to recruit foreign language speaking cancer patients through Australian Cancer Registries will begin in New South Wales this month.
Obama young vote won with Twitter    View Summary
26 November 2008
american flag Obama was also no twit when it came to twittering and embracing a new buzz technology.
Manning Bar election day spectacular today   View Summary
5 November 2008
balloonAs America goes to the polls, the US Centre celebrates the election with a live CNN broadcast as the results come in.
2008 US Presidential Election survey   View Summary
4 November 2008
americanflagThe Unites States Studies Centre shares results of a major survey on Australian views of the election.
October 2008
China too must confront obesity   View Summary
29 October 2008
scalesChina must confront changing diets, more sedentary lives, and a 'plump is prosperous' culture to halt obesity.
It's time to prioritise the poor    View Summary
28 October 2008
Professor David Kinley Professor David Kinley, Chair in Human Rights Law, argues the poor must be front and centre of any attempts to address the financial crisis.
Sydney goes to Shanghai   View Summary
23 October 2008
Dr Michael Spence A University delegation including Dr Michael Spence and Chancellor Marie Bashir is hosting a program of events in China's financial capital.
Gareth Evans at Sydney Ideas on Friday   View Summary
23 October 2008
Gareth Evans Former Foreign Minister and honorary degree recipient Gareth Evans will give a lecture at Sydney Ideas this Friday.
A wealth of resources    View Summary
21 October 2008
Australia-Africa FellowsFive senior government officials from the mining sector in Africa are taking part in a unique Australia Africa Fellowship (AAF) Program.
Journalists can give peace a chance   View Summary
15 October 2008
peace Peace journalism gives society the chance to consider non-violent responses to conflict, says Jake Lynch, director of the University's Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies.
How will peace come to Israel and Palestine?   View Summary
14 October 2008
Dr Sara Roy Sydney Ideas Harvard political economist Sara Roy talks about Palestinian losses since 1967.
Sydney holds its own among the world's best.   View Summary
14 October 2008
Graduation HatThe University of Sydney has maintained its position among the top 40 in this year's Times Higher Education rankings of World Universities and has climbed to second position in Australia.
The start of a new era   View Summary
12 October 2008
Words from the DVC International
Question time   View Summary
12 October 2008
question time
50th Anniversary of Indonesian Studies at the University of Sydney   View Summary
12 October 2008
This year's celebration of 50 years of Indonesian Studies at the University of Sydney was capped off on Friday 15th August with an alumni reception held to coincide with Indonesian Independence Day celebrations on 17th.
Let's Talk   View Summary
12 October 2008
let's talk
Sydney Life   View Summary
12 October 2008
Sydney Life
Tips for visitors to India   View Summary
10 October 2008
Culture Tips
Different Paths   View Summary
8 October 2008
Alumni story
New human rights degree launched   View Summary
8 October 2008
DanielleThirty students from the Asia Pacific region will be able to undertake post graduate study in human rights after the University secured a significant grant from the European Union (EU).
Big win for agriculture    View Summary
8 October 2008
riceSydney academics have been awarded $200,000 for their innovative work on sustainable rice production
September 2008
AusAID ALAF Program Can Tho University Farewell   View Summary
25 September 2008
Dr Lesley Anne Harbon and  Can Tho colleague The University of Sydney has bid farewell to fourteen visiting academics from Can Tho University, Vietnam.
US Studies Centre announces Merck Innovation Program   View Summary
22 September 2008
The University's expertise in the science and business of innovation has been rewarded with a half million dollar grant.
World water supply in perilous state   View Summary
1 September 2008
Maude BarlowBest Selling author, Maude Barlow, will reveal the sad state of the world's water supply in a Sydney Ideas lecture tonight.
August 2008
The Inaugural Ted Wheelwright Memorial Lecture    View Summary
29 August 2008
Ted wheelwrightThe inaugural Ted Wheelwright lecture will investigate the "crisis of hegemony" enveloping the United States.
Australian pathology short course a first    View Summary
27 August 2008
flying foxUniversity of Sydney academics featured prominently in the world first wildlife pathology short course
Sydney welcomes peace team from middle east   View Summary
22 August 2008
AFL Peace Team The Chancellor of the University of Sydney hosted a VIP breakfast this morning for an AFL football team made up of Israelis and Palestinians.
Either president may disappoint us   View Summary
15 August 2008
balloonsThe next president has a big job in front of him, whoever it may be, writes Geoffrey Garrett in The Sydney Morning Herald.
Bronze for our Bell   View Summary
13 August 2008
Robin BellSydney University sportsman Robin Bell has won Australia's first ever Olympic medal in the men's C1 slalom event.
Sydney ranks among the top 100   View Summary
11 August 2008
Sydney University Sydney continues to rise in the rankings and has now joined two other Australian universities in the Shanghai Jiao Tong top 100 of World Universities
Monks bring call for change in Burma   View Summary
5 August 2008
U UttaraU Uttara, secretary-general of the International Buddhist Monks Organisation, has spoken at the University about continued human rights abuses in Burma.
Rudd joins Blair by video in Beijing   View Summary
4 August 2008
Kevin RuddTop athletes rub shoulders with political leaders at the opening of the University's "What Makes a Champion?" forum launched by Tony Blair.
Joe may be a man for all seasons   View Summary
1 August 2008
US FlagDr Lesley Russel comments on Barack Obama's choice of running mate, Joseph Biden.
July 2008
Public lecture will examine the challenges around stem cell research   View Summary
30 July 2008
Professor Andrew WebsterProfessor Andrew Webster, a leading UK sociologist, will present his public lecture, Stem Cell Research and Society, at the University on 7 August.
Collaborative research makes the world go around   View Summary
28 July 2008
NEG studentsSixteen post graduate students from around Australia and the world have come together at the second annual Nation-Empire-Globe (NEG) Postgraduate Intensive.
First ALAF Awardees from Mongolia at the University    View Summary
28 July 2008
Mongolia teachers at SydneyFunded by AusAID, the Australian Leadership Awards Fellowships (ALAF) program has brought the University six senior English language teachers from Mongolia for the first time.
new times, new media   View Summary
24 July 2008
Dr Vek LewisWith the democratisation of Latin America, its media faces a host of new challenges.
Sydney University Regiment joins 5th Brigade   View Summary
23 July 2008
Sydney University RegimentThe transfer of the roles of University Regiments was marked by a ceremonial parade at the University.
International funding strategy pays dividends   View Summary
22 July 2008
International flagsInitiative reels in $9 million in international grants in first year.
Online culture expert comes to Sydney    View Summary
22 July 2008
KeyboardDr Robert Kozinets, international on-line communities and branding expert, says consumers have awoken to the fact that they have power over marketers.
Flow of Ideas   View Summary
21 July 2008
water shortage in Australia and MexicoResearchers in Australia and Mexico are pooling ideas on how to tackle the water problem facing both countries.
Digital humanities collaborates on ABC Earth   View Summary
18 July 2008
EarthThe team from the Archaeological Computing Laboratory devised a unique interface to bring ABC project to life.
International Science Linkages announced    View Summary
18 July 2008
gas platformSydney University has been successful in securing a significant proportion of the federal funding for new international research projects announced this week
Latin America dream   View Summary
17 July 2008
Dr Rafael PizarroDr Rafael Pizarro wants to stop the spread of US suburban culture to Latin America.
Leading for the future   View Summary
17 July 2008
Nathaniel WaremainSecond-year economics/law student, Nathaniel Ware took part in the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders program in New York last month
Good neighbours   View Summary
10 July 2008
Opening the SymposiumA University delegation of 25 leading academics and officials visited Jakarta earlier this month, consolidating the University's partnership with Indonesia.
June 2008
Anti-tobacco man    View Summary
25 June 2008
China faces a national smoking epidemic. Professor Simon Chapman, a prominent anti-smoking campaigner, is working to help China find a solution.
Tide is running against McCain   View Summary
23 June 2008
McCain It's what the Republican Party stands for that makes McCain look bad, writes Dr Lesley Russell in The Canberra Times.
Preventing a global wheat catastrophe   View Summary
19 June 2008
Scientists in New DelhiScientists in Sydney and New Delhi are working together to combat a devastating strain of stem rust which could pose a threat to wheat crops in India and Australia.
The weight is behind McCain, but Obama has the votes   View Summary
14 June 2008
fatimage In the US, an interesting correlation exists between voting patterns, and the overweight and obese.
Hands across the ocean   View Summary
8 June 2008
Dr Peter MinterThe Indigenous cultures of Australia and Chile share a common desire for social and economic justice, as a new anthology of Poetry and artwork shows.
Kill the tobacco industry, or it will keep killing   View Summary
7 June 2008
ciggbuttHomogenous packaging may help to kill the tobacco industry, write Simon Chapman and Becky Freeman in The Sydney Morning Herald
Sexual health course satisfying community needs   View Summary
7 June 2008
Dr Patricia WeerakoonAn understanding of sexuality is a vital prerequisite for any professional who interacts with people on a day-to-day basis, according to Dr Patricia Weerakoon
May 2008
China responds to concerns about food safety   View Summary
20 May 2008
Thomas SoemRepresentatives from China's State Food and Drug Administration have taken part in a training progam at Sydney University in response to international concerns about China's food safety standards.
Sydney grants link the world   View Summary
13 May 2008
globeUniversity of Sydney researchers have been given an opportunity to link up with leading universities around the world with the announcement of a new round of seed grants last week.
Sydney internationalising the student experience in Health Sciences   View Summary
6 May 2008
signing ceremonySydney University has enhanced its relationship with Malaysia in Health Sciences.
April 2008
Tonga tax expert providing "valuable insights" to Sydney    View Summary
23 April 2008
Ms Lepaola VaeaDeputy Commissioner of Taxation of Tonga has been a student for three months at Sydney's Law School, supported by an AusAID Australian Leadership Awards Fellowship.
Sydney prepares for ANZAC Day   View Summary
21 April 2008
the Chancellor Professor Marie BashirThis year Sydney University Regiment will continue to grow closer to the University by offering parallel careers to students.
Granted a Chair in the land of opportunities   View Summary
18 April 2008
Alison BashfordMedical historian appointed to Harvard Chair of Australian Studies.
A smart career move   View Summary
8 April 2008
MarcosAlumni story
Confucius Institute aims to spread the word about China   View Summary
4 April 2008
the Confucius New South Wales' first Confucius Institute will be officially opened on 17 June at Sydney.
Cultural tips for visitors to Latin America   View Summary
4 April 2008
Cultural tips
March 2008
Renshaw books his ticket to Beijing   View Summary
26 March 2008
Lachlan RenshawSydney University athlete Lachlan Renshaw got his place in the Australian athletics team to compete at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.
University professor delivers a lesson from New Orleans   View Summary
10 March 2008
Professor BlakelyThe New Orleans city authorities who allowed unsuitable housing and oil drilling in the municipality are at least partly to blame for the damage done by Hurricane Katrina, according to the University of Sydney.
Medieval music resonates through the ages   View Summary
5 March 2008
Neil McEwanSydney audiences will hear the first performance in 500 years of a Gregorian chant that has been brought back to life by the detective work of a University academic.
February 2008
Timor- Leste scholars arrive at Sydney   View Summary
29 February 2008
Timor-Leste studentsTwo scholarship-winning students from Timor-Leste have arrived at the University to take part in the graduate medical program, an intiative designed to bring long-term benefits to the country.
Grandmaster Flash   View Summary
22 February 2008
Zong-Yuan ZhaoZong-Yuan Zhao is Australia's newest, youngest - and fastest - chess Grandmaster.
Shanghai and Sydney in tune   View Summary
20 February 2008
musicStudent musicians from one of China's most renowned music schools will perform for the first time outside their own country, alongside local high school pupils at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (The Con) on Friday.
Pakistan trip coincided with political turmoil   View Summary
14 February 2008
LahoreStaff and students from Sydney arrived in Pakistan for an English language conference just as the country's political turmoil began.
G'day from Sydney   View Summary
5 February 2008
G'day USA activityThe University has played an active part in G'Day USA, a 10-day program of events designed to raise Australia's profile in America.