Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty of Pharmacy is consistently ranked among the world’s best for teaching and education.

With more than 100 years of experience in delivering world-class professional pharmacy education, we enjoy an outstanding national and international reputation. Our innovative, research-led pharmacy programs give students a competitive edge throughout their career.

Whether you decide to register as a pharmacist and work in a community or hospital pharmacy, enter the pharmaceutical industry, work for government agencies, or contribute to research and academia, one thing is for sure, you will be in demand.


Things pharmacists do

Surprising things pharmacists do

We all know that we can head to the pharmacy to get our prescriptions filled, but registered pharmacists have a wealth of healthcare knowledge ready to share and make our life that little bit more convenient.

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SOAR Fellows

SOAR Fellows solving real world health problems

We caught up with our Sydney Research Accelerator (SOAR) Fellow, Dr Wojciech Chrzanowski and asked about his research on shifting the paradigm for smoke inhalation treatment and the wider impact it could have.

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6 things we discovered about studying pharmacy

6 things we discovered about studying pharmacy

We asked Gloria Mirzaei 15 questions about studying pharmacy at the University of Sydney - why she chose it, what she likes about it, and what surprised her most about University, among others.

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