Managing Work Health and Safety

  • The University has procedures in place to ensure that staff, affiliates, students and visitors are not exposed to health and safety risks in University workplaces, and to help us comply with the University's Work Health and Safety Policy 2012.
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WHS Duty of Care Checklist for Managers/Supervisors

Managers and Supervisors are those who are responsible for the allocation of tasks to staff, students and others, and for the oversight of students in all classes. The Duty of Care Checklist for Managers and Supervisors is available on the University WHS website. Supervisors have a particular responsibility for ensuring that the work for which they are responsible is carried out in ways that safeguard the workplace health, safety and well-being of staff, students and others in their charge. In summary supervisors must:

  • Ensure they provide leadership and set a good example for staff and students in workplace health and safety matters.
  • Ensure to attend all relevant WHS training courses.
  • Ensure to complete and sign off the Faculty Safety Declaration Form and Duty of Care for Managers and Supervisors Checklist, a copy sent to .
  • Ensure that WHS-related issues are discussed as the first item in team meetings.
  • Ensure that staff, students and others working under their supervision comply with the WHS procedures.
  • Ensure that they lead and consult with the staff and students they supervise to identify, assess and control hazards, as well as the risks associated with these hazards.
  • Ensure that a safe working environment is maintained and safe working practices are developed and maintained at all times.
  • Ensure that new members follow WHS guidelines.
  • Ensure that local WHS induction (laboratory and office) is completed prior to approving access to the area.
  • Ensure that relevant SWPs and RAs are set up and updated annually.
  • Ensure that all WHS-related documents (e.g. training records and other documents) are kept locally and are available for inspection and audit.
  • Ensure to provide sufficient training to the staff and students they supervise and approve to become competent for work.
  • Ensure to carry out safety inspections on regular basis or on request.
  • The training needs analysis form is required to complete and is audited annually by Faculty WHS Officer.