Application for Special Consideration

The University's assessment practices are designed to ensure that conditions are fair to all students, as consistent as possible and that individual students are not disadvantaged by adverse personal circumstances beyond their control or by the activities of other students.

Generally, serious illness, injury or misadventure will be taken into account when considering a student’s academic performance in a course or units of study. There is, however, a clear distinction between longstanding illness or difficulties which prevent students from attending classes or completing required work or which seriously interfere with their capacity to study for long periods and short-term serious illness, injury or misadventure that may prevent a well-prepared student from sitting for an examination or completing a particular assignment.

The information you supply on this form is needed by the University so that it can deal with your application for special consideration. This form, and any associated records, will be retained by the faculty. The records will only be available to those staff who need access to it in order to carry out their duties. All records will be destroyed in a secure manner at the appropriate time. Any request to access and/or correct the information should be addressed to the faculty office, in the first instance.

In particular, you should consider the following points;

  • Only well-attested serious illness, injury or misadventure during a semester or occurring at the time of an examination will warrant Special Consideration for academic performance. Special Consideration will NOT be given for occasional brief or trivial illness of a 1 to 2 week duration that occurs 1 week or more before an assessment/ examination.
  • A claim for Special Consideration does not guarantee that it will be accepted and you are advised to attempt the assessment if at all possible.
  • Multiple and recurring claims for Special Consideration may be an indicator of a student at academic risk.
  • Where a claim for Special Consideration is successful, the Faculty of Pharmacy will arrange a replacement examination and the original attempt will be deemed not to have occurred. No adjusting of marks for the original attempt will take place.
  • Replacement examinations will ONLY be held in the Special Consideration examinations periods (see dates below).

To apply for special consideration due to serious illness, injury or misadventure

  1. For special consideration due to serious illness, injury or misadventure have a registered health practitioner or counsellor complete the Professional Practice Certificate (PPC). Note that there are two important constraints on their ability to issue the PPC:
    (a) the PPC can be issued only for illnesses, injury or misadventure that lies within the scope of practice of the practitioner;
    (b) the PPC should only be issued in respect of an illness, injury or misadventure observed by the health practitioner or counsellor or reported by the patient and deemed to be true by the health practitioner or counsellor.
    For all other situations, please complete a Statutory Declaration and attach any appropriate documentation.
  2. Complete the special consideration application form via the link below.
  3. Requests for special consideration must be lodged by close of business (5pm) within five working days of the assessment. Where circumstances preclude this, a student may still apply, but must provide a case for the delay in the application.
  4. Email or fax supporting documents to the Pharmacy Student Support Officer.
    Email: (using your USYD email account)
    Fax: + 61 2 9351 4391 (Application will not be lodged until all the relevant documents have been received).
    NB: Original copies of supporting documentation must be submitted in hard copy to the Faculty office within 5 working days from the date of submission of your special consideration application.
  5. Students will be notified of the academic judgement concerning their special consideration application.

Special Consideration for non PHARXXXX units of study

To apply for special consideration for subjects not taught by the Faculty of Pharmacy (eg: Chemistry, Physiology etc) please use the following link:

For BIOL1003, CHEM1611, CHEM1612, MBLG1001, PCOL2605, PHSI2601 and PCOL5001 Faculty of Science Special Consideration

Special Consideration Exam Period

If you are approved, please ensure you are available to attend your special consideration exam during the dates below.

Details of dates, times and locations of exams will be posted on the faculty website closer to the dates below:

Semester One
Monday 27th June 2016 to Friday 15th July 2016.

Semester Two
Monday 21st November 2016 to Friday 9th December 2016.

More information about Special Consideration is available on the University’s Current Students website: Special Consideration Regarding Assessments - Policy and Procedures

Please make sure you have read and understand the above guidelines before clicking on Special Consideration form link below

Click here to access the online Special Consideration form