"It was really helpful to have a
mentor that comes back and then
works with your whole faculty.
It helps get a lot of teachers on
board and inspired to do it."

- STEM Academy 2014
Mathematics teacher

A unique feature of the STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy is its mentoring and support service. Throughout the academy professional mentors work with participating teachers, providing support and assistance to plan and implement their own STEM strategies in the classroom.

Mentors visit participating teachers prior to, during and in between the two workshop sessions.

During the pre-workshop visit, mentors will discuss the STEM Academy program in detail with nominated teachers.

"Our mentor gave some really
practical advice and was able to
talk us through some of the things
that they had seen in other schools
that might work in our school."

- STEM Academy 2014
Science teacher


In the between-workshop visits, mentors provide support and assistance for participating teachers to help them plan and implement their own STEM teaching strategies for 2017.

Mentors can assist with evaluating activities, lessons and assessment tasks. Depending on teachers’ needs, the mentors may facilitate whole-group meetings, team-teach, observe lessons, or assist with data collection.

Mentor visits

Between-workshop visits are organised after the first session, and prior to the Showcase session to assist teachers with:

  • planning of STEM strategies;
  • evaluating activities, lessons, and assessment tasks
  • facilitating whole group meetings, team teaching, data collection, etc.