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Pella Volunteer Scheme

An opportunity to work on the excavations at Pella
Over the last 24 years we have provided members of the general public with an opportunity to work on the University of Sydney’s excavations at Pella in Jordan.
A Pella Volunteer working at the site in 2017.

A Pella Volunteer working at the site in 2017.

In conjunction with the Pella Excavation Project, we have enabled people of all ages and backgrounds to experience the unique atmosphere of working on an archaeological dig. 

January-February 2019 excavation

Soon we will be accepting expressions of interest for the January-February 2019 excavation season when we will further investigate:

  • the large Bronze Age Palatial residence, and prehistoric remains now known to lie below this structure (ca. 1800-1200 BCE), 
  • a new area of excavation some 20m to the west of the palace excavations, which will explore the whole range of occupation from the Mameluke period back into the Bronze Age (ca. 1900 BCE-1500 CE). 

We will also continue excavations in the eastern summit of Tell Husn, mainly focussed on the Early Bronze Age ( ca. 3500-3200 BCE), but with further attempts to locate the earliest Hellenistic occupation (ca. 300 BCE).

Finds from the most recent season include a stunning carved steatite bowl, intriguing Iron Age figurines, Hellenistic fine wares and wine amphorae, and inscribed Islamic metal ware and medical equipment. 

Volunteer information

The dates of the 2019 Pella Season are:

  • Group 1: 6 to 24 January 2019
  • Group 2: 27 January to 14 February 2019

Each volunteer spends three weeks with the excavation team living on site at our dig-house. Half a volunteer’s time is spent excavating in a trench with an experienced archaeologist, assisting them with the dig work. The other half is spent in the house, helping with the cleaning, description, cataloguing and packing of delicate objects, as well as assisting the conservators, photographers, illustrators and specialist analysts (e.g. botanists and zoologists) as needed, when processing finds from the field.

The cost of participating is $4,950 plus your return airfare to Jordan. This fee includes food and board for the three weeks you will be at the Pella site, as well as internal transport to and from the site.

We do not arrange group bookings as most volunteers tend to have travel plans before or after their time with us at Pella. If you are interested in working at the important and beautiful site of Pella, please fill in the Pella Volunteer Application Form (pdf, 290KB) and email/post/fax it to us and we'll keep you informed as organisation of the 2019 season progresses.

If you have received a Letter of Offer from us, you can secure your place on the 2019 Pella in Jordan team by paying a deposit (or the full amount should you wish). Please make your payment online

Deposit only: $950.00
Balance: $4,000
Full Amount: $4,950

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Volunteer Coordinator

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