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Our grants

Recognising excellence in research

Our recently awarded grants reflect a reputation for high calibre research, showcasing the contributions our researchers make to the growth of knowledge within the Australian and global communities.

Understanding the Sources of Secular Stagnation
ARC Discovery Grant 2019
ID: DP190100202
Years: 2019-2021
Investigators: Prof James Morley; Dr Yunjong Eo; Dr Benjamin Wong
Amount awarded: $317,610

Neuroeconomic foundations of probability and value perception
ARC Discovery Grant 2019
ID: DP190100489
Years: 2019-2023
Investigators: A/Prof Agnieszka Tymula; Prof. Paul Glimcher
Amount awarded: $378,000

Fiscal policy and unemployment in an open economy
ARC Discovery Grant 2019
ID: DP190100537
Years: 2019-2023
Investigators: Prof. Mariano Kulish; Prof. James Morley; A/Prof. Francesco Zanetti
Amount awarded: $349,000

The Altruism of the Arts Customer: Evidence from the Sydney Opera House
ARC Linkage Projects 2017
ID: LP160100506
Years: 2017-2019
Investigators: Prof. Robert Slonim; A/Prof. Agnieszka Tymula; Dr Kevin Schnepel; Mr Andrew Orris
Amount awarded: $313,000

Trade policy firm entry and welfare: theory and evidence
ARC Future Fellowship 2017
ID: FT160100411
Years: 2017-2020
Investigator: Prof. John Romalis
Amount awarded: $880,480

Using behavioural economic insights to overcome student procrastination*
ARC Discovery Grant 2017
ID: DP170102818
Years: 2017-2023
Investigators: Prof. Lionel Page; Dr Stephen Cheung; Prof. Martin Kocher
Amount of grant: $301,500
*Managed by Queensland University of Technology

The rate of time preference in choice experiments: A systematic re-analysis
ARC Discovery Grant 2016
ID: DP160101794
Years: 2016-2020
Investigator: Dr Stephen Cheung
Amount of grant: $97,000

Testing strategy-proofness in matching markets: an experimental study
ARC Discovery Grant 2016
ID: DP160103699
Years: 2016-2020
Investigator: A/Prof. Pablo Guillen Alvarez
Amount of grant: $60,000

Behavioural Econ & Field Experiments to Improve Plasma & Bone Marrow Supply
ARC Discovery Grant 2015
ID: DP150101307
Years: 2015-2023
Investigator: Prof. Robert Slonim
Amount of grant: $864,100

Family Responses to Economic Shocks and Policy Reforms over the Life Cycle
ARC Discovery Grant 2015
ID: DP150101718
Years: 2015-2017
Investigators: Prof. Garry Barrett; Dr Kadir Atalay; Dr Rebecca Edwards; Prof. Sir Richard Blundell; Prof. Hamish Low
Amount of grant: $236,167

Economic analysis of peer effects in adolescence and adulthood
ID: DE150101032
Years: 2015-2017
Investigator: A/Prof. Agnieszka Tymula
Amount of grant: $378,000

ARC Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course*
ARC Centre of Excellence 2014
ID: CE140100027
Years: 2014-2023
Investigators: Prof Janeen Baxter; Prof Stephen Zubrick; Prof Deborah Cobb-Clark; Prof Mark Western; Prof Lorraine Mazerolle; Prof Matthew Sanders; Prof Colm Harmon; A/Prof Michele Haynes; Prof David Lawrence; Prof Greg Duncan; Prof Miles Corak; Prof Wei-Jun Yeung; Prof Rebekah Coley; Prof Adrian Raine; Prof Barbara Elliott; Prof David Weisburd; Reader Arnaud Chevalier; Dr Orla Doyle; Prof Heather Laurie; Dr Helen Rogers; Dr Fadwa Al Yaman
Amount of grant: $20,000,000
*Managed by the University of Queensland

Living on the Margin: The Relationship between Mental Health and Work in Australia*
ARC Discovery Grant 2014
ID: DP140102614
Years: 2014-2016
Investigators: Prof Deborah Cobb-Clark
Amount of grant: $428,000
*Managed by the University of Melbourne

Human Capital Cognitive Skills and Labour Market Outcomes
ARC Discovery Grant 2014
ID: DP14102491
Years: 2014-2016
Investigators: Prof. Garry Barrett; Prof Colm Harmon; A/Prof Stephen Whelan; Dr Michael Coelli; Prof Eric Hanushek; Prof W. Craig Riddell; Prof Stephen Donald;
Amount of grant: $397,000

Exceptional upward mobility against all odds: Non-cognitive skills and early-childhood disadvantage*
ID: DE140100463
Years: 2014-2016
Investigators: A/Prof Stefanie Schurer
Amount of grant: $380,364
*Managed by RMIT

Analysis of fiscal policy responses to macroeconomic conditions in Australia and the US using real time data*
ARC Discovery Grant 2014
ID: DP140103029
Years: 2014-2016
Investigators: A/Prof Kalvinder Shields; Prof Kevin Lee; Prof James Morley
Amount of grant: $210,000
*Managed by the University of Melbourne

Human capital risk: Implications for policy
ID: DE130100806
Years: 2013-2015
Investigators: Dr Aarti Singh
Amount of grant: $347,620

Estimating the effects of fiscal policy*
ARC Discovery Grant 2013
ID: DP130102950
Years: 2013-2015
Investigators: Prof James Morley
Amount of grant: $152,000
*Managed by UNSW