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Young girls feet before a dance in Southern India

Languages and cultures research

Languages and cultures in the non-English speaking world
Our research covers studies of languages, literature and cultures, along with studies of ancient and modern societies in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

We have expertise in linguistics, literature, history, political science, anthropology, religion and sociology related to the countries and areas in those regions.

While we continue to pursue our scholarship in different languages and cultures around the globe, we have also begun to put particular emphasis on our own multilingual reality in Australia. By looking into the impact of cultural traditions on the perception of health and well-being in Western Sydney’s diverse population groups and by exploring archival sources of migrants' stories in their original languages, we hope to enhance the appreciation of Australia’s multilingual traditions and to achieve a better understanding of the many facets of social transformation in Australia.

Research centres, institutes and groups

Research clusters

Below is a list of reading groups in the School of Languages and Cultures.

Modern German Thought
Modernities across the World
The Global Middle Ages
World Cinema and Photography Research Group
Perspectives on the Past
Screening the World


Academic staff in the School of Languages and Cultures are often involved in convening and organising international conferences, both at the University of Sydney and at other venues. Below are some recent conferences involving our staff.

Reformation and Revolution | Responses to Crisis in Modern European Intellectual and Political History

Performance, Empathy, Trauma and the Archive

Reverberations International Symposium

  • 26-28 February, 2017

International Conference | Marguerite Duras and the Arts

Global Middle Ages Conference | Cultures of Modernities in the Pre-Modern and Early Modern Period