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World Literatures and the Global South Conference

23–25 August 2019
This international conference will engage with literary production on and from the Global South in their own languages as well as in translation.

Co-convened with the Peking University Australian Studies Centre and the World Literature Association, the School of Languages and Cultures is proud to host the third international congress of the World Literature Association on 'World Literatures and the Global South'.

The concepts of world literature(s) and the Global South are two widely discussed notions that are continuously being debated and redefined. Australia – shaped by its colonial history and multiethnic, multilingual and transnational population – bears an ambiguous relationship to the Global South, making it an ideal location to explore and interrogate these two unsettled terms.

Call for papers

We welcome proposals for individual papers and panels or workshops that converge on thematic areas. Read the full text of our call for papers here.

Proposal themes

What are the dominant representations past and present, or narratives from and of the Global South? How do literary productions from the Global South participate in renewing and challenging existing Western and Eurocentric representations? What worldviews and perspectives on world issues, including Western societies, emerge from literatures of the Global South?

Topics include:

  • (Re)Inventing the Global South
  • Self-representations of the Global South
  • Representations of the ‘West’ and the ‘North’ in literatures from the Global South 
  • Global perspectives on/from the South
  • Real and imagined spaces

How do world literatures move away from a nation-based understanding of literary production and what models do they assert in its place? What are the historic and emerging modes and methodologies for acknowledging, assessing and exploring transnational literatures?

Topics include:

  • Travel, translation and translatability of cultures
  • Multilingual writers
  • Exophonic writing
  • Diasporic literatures
  • Literary migrations and networks

In what way(s) are world literatures enriched and/or affected by globalisation in its various forms (eg. political, cultural, financial, social, environmental)? How is the present resurgence of nationalism and populism across the globe represented in contemporary world literatures? What is the place of world literatures from the Global South in an increasingly digital world? 

Topics include:

  • Ecocriticism from the Global South 
  • Science fiction from the Global South
  • New media in the Global South
  • Digital platforms, new genres and world literatures

What dialogues, interactions and conflicts characterise the relationship between world literatures from the Global South and other art forms (eg. film, visual art, music, dance, etc)? How do these productions participate in challenging traditional understandings of genres and forms? What are the potential new generic and formal avenues offered by contemporary literatures from the Global South?

Topics include:

  • Global South and film adaptations of literary texts
  • The Global South through iconotexts
  • Global South across disciplines

The proposal should include a title and a 150-word abstract in one of the following languages:

  • English 
  • Chinese
  • Arabic 
  • French 
  • Indonesian/Malay 
  • Spanish.

Panel proposals should have at least four presenters. Multi-country representation, as well as gender balance and the inclusion of a combination of junior and senior scholars, is strongly encouraged.

Submissions for abstracts now open for:

Call for papers close on 11 February 2019. 

For all enquiries, please contact us.

Key dates

Registrations now open

Call for papers open

1 December 2018

Proposals of abstracts close

11 February 2019

Notification of proposal acceptance

1 March 2019

Early bird registrations close

15 April 2019

Normal registrations open

16 April 2019

Normal registrations close

30 June 2019
Late registrations open 1 July 2019
Late registrations close 31 July 2019

Postgraduate workshops

22 August 2019

Third International Congress of the World Literature Association: World Literatures and the Global South

23–25 August 2019

Postgraduate engagement

The conference includes a postgraduate workshop for all higher degree research students on 22 August 2019. Postgraduate students wishing to attend the workshop are also strongly encouraged to present at the conference.


Early bird registrations are now open. Register now.

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Postgraduate workshop


Conference dinner


Our people

  • Professor Liu Shusheng, Peking University
  • Professor Zhao Baisheng, Peking University


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