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Department of Anthropology

The study of human culture and society
Anthropologists use long term field research in different parts of the world to gain in depth understanding of the culture, society and economy in which other people live.

Founded in 1925, the Department of Anthropology at the University of Sydney is Australia's first. We maintain our strong reputation for theoretical innovation, excellence in ethnographic fieldwork and an outstanding commitment to the training of postgraduate research students.

As well as studying small-scale societies and groups in both rural and urban areas around the world, we investigate modern nation states and transnational networks.

We specialise in the cultural regions of Indigenous Australia, Melanesia, China, Southeast Asia and Latin America, as well as in development and globalisation, urban studies and environmental change.

Study area

Study area_

Human behaviour, society and social justice

Understand society and emerging social issues

Gain the skills and knowledge to make a difference in people's lives through social work, policy development or peace and conflict studies, or deepen your insights into society through cultural, gender or Indigenous studies.

Our research

Our academics are currently undertaking anthropological research through a wide variety of projects, including: 

  • Aboriginal Australians and the nation state 
  • Papuan cosmologies 
  • Children and youth in contemporary China 
  • Aboriginal urban life 
  • Political violence and revolution in Southeast Asia
  • Race and ethnic relations in Latin America 
  • Informal economies of the urban poor in Southeast Asia 
  • Power and politics in Venezuela 
  • The anthropology of time and space in Aboriginal Australia 
  • Cash and gift economies in Papua New Guinea 
  • Christianity in the Pacific 
  • Climate change in Australian communities 
  • Youth culture and identity in Thailand 
  • Social inequality in cities of Indonesia and Vietnam 
  • The resource extraction economy in Australia 
  • Peasant economy and politics in Laos

Our people


For a full listing of our upcoming events, please visit the What's On Calendar.

When: Wednesday 26 September 2018, 10am

Where: The Refectory, The Quadrangle, The University of Sydney

Do you have dementia? Are you, or have you been, a carer for someone with dementia? Do you work in home care, caring for people with dementia? If so, come along to this whole day event and tell your story.

The event consists of a symposium at 10am-4pm, and a book launch at 4pm-5pm. You can register to attend either session or register for both if you wish to stay for the full day. Registration closes on 19 September 2018.

Register for the event 

Department Head

Dr Robbie Peters

School of Social and Political Sciences

Matthew Webb

Matthew Webb
Anthropology student
“I’m working towards interdisciplinary PhD research with a focus on the innovative practices of low-income Indigenous Australians and their cultural contributions to the fields of science and technology.”
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