PhD Students

Full-time and part-time PhD study is available through the ASRC, as part of The University of Sydney. Suitably qualified candidates with an under-graduate honours degree or Masters by research degree (or equivalent experience) in speech-language pathology can apply.

For more information about postgraduate study contact Dr Sue O'Brian.

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Current Research Projects

  • Parental beyond-clinic treatment delivery in the Lidcombe Program of Early Stuttering Intervention. Email:
  • A Randomised Controlled Trial of Group Delivery versus Individual Delivery of the Lidcombe Program. The trial will provide information regarding the efficacy and time efficiency of providing this evidence-based stuttering treatment in a group model. Email:
  • Outcome Measures for Stuttering Treatment Research: developing a quicker, cheaper, and more valid method. Email:
  • Stuttering treatment for preschool children via webcam - a randomised control trial comparing the standard in clinic delivery of the Lidcombe with internet delivery of the Lidcombe Program using Skype and a webcam to determine if it is a viable service option. Email:
  • Development of the Web-Lidcombe Program. Email
  • The automated CBT psychologist: Trial of an online CBT treatment program for adolescents who suffer from social anxiety and stuttering. Email:
  • The effect of Oxytocin on avoidance of eye contact in adults who sutter. Email:
  • The linguistic factors associated with the trigger of stuttering in adult speakers of a syllable-timed tonal language. Email: