CIS Permits to Work

Permits to work are required for undertaking certain types of work. A new process on SharePoint has been developed to manage certain permit types. Other permit types will still require hard copies and physical signatures, however, in time, all permits will move onto the SharePoint platform.

Work permits are required for the following tasks:

The online SharePoint Permits to Work can be accessed on the SharePoint CIS Partners site.

You may use your University email address and password to access this site. If you are a contractor, you may have to request access and create a personal or organisational Microsoft account. To request access, please write to .

The SharePoint Permits to Work application process involves three stakeholders and two consecutive approvals:

1. The Applicant, often an external worker to the University, must submit an application online, e.g. a principal contractor, a hard/soft services contractor, a construction contractor, etc.

2. The application will be reviewed and approved or rejected by the Agent, a representative of the University dealing with the Applicant for the works e.g. Project/Contract/Facility Manager/Managing Contractor. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to designate the correct Agent for the application.

3. The application is then finally reviewed and authorised, or rejected, by the Authoriser(s). An Authoriser is a University representative nominated to authorise permit applications.

Works cannot start before authorisation of Authoriser(s).

Please contact for further information.