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Work and Organisational Studies

Work and Organisational Studies (WOS) is a large discipline within the University of Sydney Business School. Our group includes leading international scholars investigating work and organisations and our research expertise informs our teaching across undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


Scholars in WOS have published several hundred key monographs and academic peer-reviewed articles in leading international journals. Our research expertise spans a range of fields, with a particular emphasis on management in the workplace. Our research is supported by major international and national grant schemes. We also engage with business, government and the broader community to produce intelligent and insightful research. Much of this research has informed policy making at business and government levels.

Our expertise spans the following areas:

  • Work and labour markets
  • Human resource management
  • Employment relations
  • Strategy and change
  • Leadership and sustainability
  • Organisations and communication
  • Gender and diversity at work
  • Unions and Collective Bargaining
  • People and Technology
  • Organisations and Social Media


Myanmar workshop group

The International Labour Organisation and Professor Ford from the University's Sydney Southeast Asia Centre joined with Professor Bradon Ellem and Professor Marian Baird from Work and Organisational Studies and Dr Liz Hill from Political Economy in a workshop in Yangon, Myanmar on developing the country's industrial relations framework. Minimum wages and union representation were key areas of interest and discussion. The workshop was held over two days in early December, with plans for further collaboration underway.

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There is a strong tradition of teaching excellence within the discipline and our undergraduate and postgraduate students are among the best and brightest in the country. In our teaching, we expose students to cutting-edge research and we use innovative and engaged teaching methods. A number of market-leading textbooks in our area of expertise have been written by WOS academics. We nurture critical thinking and relevant industry knowledge to prepare students for their careers. Our graduates report high levels of teaching satisfaction and many of our alumni are now leading successful careers in business.

Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

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