Past events :: 2015

Time, Identity, and Future

An interdisciplinary conference on the relationships between time, personal identity, and the future of humanity.

Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, Grindavik, Iceland: 6th-8th July, 2015

Despite being aware (and reminded on a frequent basis) of the difficult future we face (both as individuals and as whole, including future people) if we don’t curb our consumption, our numbers, our carbon footprints and so on, in general we tend to fall back into our old ways. This is despite the fact that the future people might include ourselves and our family and offspring. Why is this? Is it not deeply irrational? Why do we privilege the now (present selves) and discount the future (and future selves)? Of course, there has been much work conducted on impulse control, self-regulation, temporal discounting and on the identity over time of selves, but rarely are these approaches brought together in the study of the pressing problem of humanity’s future. Time is deeply entangled with the problem, and so this conference aims to bring together researchers from a diverse set of fields, all engaged in some way with our behaviour over time, our stance towards time, or the nature of time in the universe, to think of new ways of integrating knowledge both to get a better grasp on the sources of humanity’s projected problematic future, and to possibly serve up some initial strategies for resolution.

Time: Arrows, Experience, Emergence

An interdisciplinary conference on time’s arrow, temporal experience, and emergence and complexity

University of Sydney, Australia: 12th-13th June 2015

Lars Boenke, Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology

Thursday 7th August 2014

Spontaneous oscillatory dynamics in α and β-band power during a spatialized auditory and visual temporal order judgment task - a challenge for the “gating through inhibition” framework?

Probabilty and Time Travel :: Alastair Wilson

Thursday 20th November, 2014

If time travel is possible, what are the chances of it taking place? How likely to occur are casual loops - such as your travelling back into the past to give your earlier self the blueprints for a time machine? Is there any chance of you killing your own grandfather and thereby preventing your own existence? Drawing from both physics and philosophy,the project will mount two inter-disciplinary workshops on these issues: The first in Sydney and one in Birmingham