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Academic Board Resolutions: Creation, Variation and Deletion of Award Courses and Units of Study
Australian Postgraduate Awards and University of Sydney Postgraduate Awards: Method of Award Guidelines
Conjoint Ventures in Postgraduate Courses Policy
Distance, Alternative and Flexible Modes of Delivery in Postgraduate Courses Policy
Essential Resources For Postgraduate Research Students Policy 2012
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences - Late Work Provisions 2014
Faculty of Education and Social Work - Examiners for Doctoral Theses Provisions
Faculty of Education and Social Work - Research Student Laptop Loan Provisions
Faculty of Education and Social Work - Research Student Space Allocation Provisions
Faculty of Education and Social Work - Thesis Proposal Review Meeting Provisions
Flexible Student-Centred Learning in the University of Sydney Policy
Higher Degree Theses Policy
Parallel Teaching of Postgraduate and Undergraduate Students Policy
Proof-reading and Editing of Dissertations and Theses Policy
Supervision of Higher Degree by Research Students Policy 2013
U.S. Federal Student Aid - Return of Title IV Funds Policy 2014
University of Sydney (Higher Degree by Research) Rule 2011
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Working with Children Policy 2014
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Working with Children Procedures 2014
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