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Aerial view of people crossing a public square
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Department of Sociology and Social Policy

The study of the organisation, institutions and dynamics of society
Our world leading academics produce searching analyses of society, including the dynamics of power and social justice.

We teach how to pose and answer relevant questions to gain a better understanding of how the features of social life are made and shaped.   

Our department includes two world-leading centres, the Sydney Asia-Pacific Migration Centre and the LCT Centre for Knowledge-Building. The LCT Centre has built a framework for the study of knowledge and education now being used to analyse a growing range of practices across education, law, politics, art, and public understandings of science. 

Study area

Study area_

Human behaviour, society and social justice

Understand society and emerging social issues

Gain the skills and knowledge to make a difference in people's lives through social work, policy development or peace and conflict studies, or deepen your insights into society through cultural, gender or Indigenous studies.

Our research

We work on a range of specific research projects, commissioned consultancies and publications. The department's research focus is grouped into the following thematic clusters:

  • Migration and globalisation 
  • Economic sociology
  • Health and the biosciences
  • Social theory 
  • Human rights, democratisation and justice 
  • Social-legal studies and criminology 
  • Social policy, inclusion and inequality 
  • Identity, belonging and culture
  • Sociology of knowledge and education.

Our people


For a full listing of our upcoming events, please visit the What's On Calendar.

When: Monday 17 September, 1-2pm

Where: Room 148, RC Mills Building

Speaker: Gyu-Jin Hwang

By fusing theoretically informed debate with its practical application to the field of public sector and policy reform, Dr Gyu-Jin Hwang's research advocates a closer synthesis of perspectives centred on ideas, interests, and institutions to further our understanding of processes of policy change. He is particularly interested in the areas of: comparative social policy; comparative development of welfare states; social policy in a development context; comparative analysis of welfare states in East Asia; policymaking processes and policy analysis; politics of social policy; institutional change and policy change; globalization and social policy. 

When: Monday 15 October, 1-2pm 

Where: Room 148, RC Mills Building

Speaker: Leanne Stevenson

Limitions to Recuperating the Missing from Franco's Crypt: Exhuming the Fascist Dictators to Generate New Meaning

Department Chair

Associate Professor Greg Martin

School of Social and Political Sciences

Zaina Ahmed

Zaina Ahmed
Sociology student
“I was chosen by the department to participate in an informal exchange with the University of Tokyo, where I got to explore cultural differences in how cities are designed and built as well as how we think about urban spaces.”
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