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Research Incubator Funding Scheme

Seed funding available for innovative data science ideas
Incubator scheme helps researchers tackle global research challenges.

Our incubator funding scheme supports innovative data science ideas that will tackle major societal challenges. In August 2018, we began the call out for multidisciplinary teams of researchers keen to make a real-world difference using innovative data-science solutions. In December 2018, we were happy to announce the three successful project groups. Here’s an overview of their projects. 

Tackling neurodegenerative diseases 

This project will use cutting-edge techniques from network neuroscience and information theory to examine neurodegenerative diseases from a new perspective. By bringing together complementary expertise from the fields of cognition and dementia, network neuroscience and information theory, the team aim to push the boundaries of both algorithms and cognitive interpretations to translate complex data into a new language. The goal? To identify changes in neural information processing networks in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease or dementia. Identifying these changes will be key in predicting and eventually preventing these diseases. 

Predicting environmental catastrophes

This multidisciplinary team will develop the next generation of environmental assessment tools that, for the first time, will assemble data from a number of sources from all around the world. This includes satellite imagery, distributed sensors, and materials registries. These tools will assess and measure the quality and serviceability of natural resources at a global scale, be these water supply, soil fertility, and contaminants removal.

Decoding social media

This project will develop a method to extract information from a large number of written documents, with the overarching intention of generating a birds-eye view of social media on a broad scale. Through automated analyses of this type of data, the team aims to glean understandings on how health-related ideas are communicated to the general public and how political associations and information is spread.