Members of the Academic Board


The Academic Board consists of:

Membership as at 24 February 2016

5.1.1 the Chair Associate Professor Tony Masters
5.1.2 the Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence
5.1.3 ex officio members the Deputy Vice-Chancellors
Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen Garton
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) Professor Pip Pattison
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Strategy and Services) Professor Shane Houston
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Registrar)  Professor Tyrone Carlin
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Duncan Ivison the Pro Vice-Chancellors
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement)  Professor Kathy Belov
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships)  Professor Laurent Rivory the Deans 
Faculty of Agriculture and Environment Professor Alex McBratney
Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning  Professor John Redmond
Faculty of Arts  and Social Sciences Professor Barbara Caine
Faculty of Dentistry  Professor Chris Peck
University of Sydney Business School Professor Gregory Whitwell
Faculty of Education and Social Work  Professor Diane Mayer
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies  Professor Archie Johnston
Faculty of Health Sciences  Professor Kathryn Refshauge
Faculty of Law  Professor Joellen Riley
Faculty of Medicine  Professor Arthur Conigrave (Acting)
Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery Professor Donna Waters
Faculty of Pharmacy  Professor Iqbal Ramzan
Faculty of Science  Professor Trevor Hambley
Sydney College of the Arts  Professor Colin Rhodes
Sydney Conservatorium of Music  Professor Anna Reid
Faculty of Veterinary Science  Professor Rosanne Taylor the Director, University Libraries Anne Bell the Director, Teaching and Learning Vacant the Director, Student Centre Vacant the President of the Students' Representative Council (SRC) Chloe Smith  two other undergraduate students nominated by the executive of the Students’ Representative Council 

Luciano Carment

Subeta Vimalarajah the President of the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA) Thomas Greenwell  two other postgraduate students nominated by the executive of the Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association 

Lily Matchett

Alexandra Nixon

5.1.4 elected academic staff members of faculties
Faculty of Agriculture and Environment Associate Professor Tina Bell
Associate Professor Tom Bishop
Professor Robyn McConchie
Professor Balwant Singh
Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning  Associate Professor Wendy Davis
Professor Nicole Gurran
Dr Sandra Loschke
Faculty of Arts  and Social Sciences Dr Frances Di Lauro
Dr Nerida Jarkey
Associate Professor Susan Park
Dr Rebecca Suter
Associate Professor Graham White
Faculty of Dentistry  Dr Jinlong Gao
Associate Professor Tania Gerzina
Lucy Michaelewska
University of Sydney Business School Patty Kamvounias
Dr Eric Knight
Associate Professor Susan McGrath-Champ
Associate Professor Maurice Peat
Associate Professor Catherine Sutton-Brady
Faculty of Education and Social Work Associate Professor Tim Allender
Associate Professor Judy Anderson
Dr Jen Scott Curwood

Dr Ilektra Spandagou

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies Dr Douglass Auld
Professor Alan Fekete
Associate Professor Chengwang Lei
Professor David Lowe
Associate Professor Marjorie Valix
Faculty of Health Sciences Professor Patrick Brennan
Dr Anne Honey
Associate Professor Mark McEntee
Dr Rhonda Orr
Professor Roger Stancliffe
Faculty of Law  Dr Emily Crawford
Dr Penelope Crossley
Associate Professor James Glister
Professor Greg Tolhurst
Faculty of Medicine  Associate Professor Rachel Codd
Professor Manuel Graeber
Professor Inam Haq
Dr Lenka Munoz
Professor Henry Woo
Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery  Dr Jacqueline Bloomfield
Associate Professor Tom Buckley
Professor Robyn Gallagher
Faculty of Pharmacy  Associate Professor Thomas Balle
Associate Professor Thomas Grewal
Professor Jane Hanrahan
Dr Carl Schneider
Faculty of Science  Helen Agus
Associate Professor David Easdown
Associate Professor John O'Byrne
Dr Jenny Saleeba
Associate Professor Charlotte Taylor
Sydney College of the Arts  Associate Professor Ann Elias
Oliver Smith
Justin Trendall
Sydney Conservatorium of Music  Dr Jeannell Carrigan
Dr Alan Maddox
Associate Professor Neal Peres da Costa
Associate Professor Jennifer Rowley
Faculty of Veterinary Science  Associate Professor Alex Chaves
Professor David Emery
Professor Claire Wade
Dr Peter White
5.1.5 elected student members
Faculty of Agriculture and Environment Isobella Revell
Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning  Vacancy
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Maxwell Hall
University of Sydney Business School Lillian So
Faculty of Dentistry  Benjamin Ross
Faculty of Education and Social Work  Angela Rose
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies Jaime Painter
Faculty of Health Sciences  Andrew Fayad
Faculty of Law Michael Butler
Faculty of Medicine Leyla Fouani
Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery Alexandra Catterson
Faculty of Pharmacy Raz Badiyan
Faculty of Science Dana Kolsky
Sydney College of the Arts  Dean Cross
Sydney Conservatorium of Music Rachael Kwa
Faculty of Veterinary Science Dana Kolsky
5.1.6 appointed members Associate Professor Kirsten McKenzie (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) 
  Associate Professor Tim Wilkinson (Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies)
5.1.7 co-opted members Professor Adam Bridgeman (Director, Educational Innovation)
  Associate Professor Ross Coleman (Director, Graduate Research) 
Secretary: The Secretary to Senate, or the Secretary's nominee, is to act as Secretary to the Academic Board
Matthew Charet (nominee)