The University of Sydney Annual Report 2012

The University of Sydney publishes an annual report each year to fulfil its reporting requirements under NSW legislation.

The main volume of the 2012 report is ordered into three main segments:

You can download each of these segments below in PDF. You will need Adobe Reader (a free software download) to view the files.

You can also download the University of Sydney 2012 Annual Report (3.4 MB PDF) as a single file.

A supplementary volume to the 2012 report contains financial statements for the University's controlled entities. Download the Financial Statements for Controlled Entities (1.7 MB PDF).

Statutory report 2012

This section provides non-financial information prepared in line with the University's reporting requirements under NSW legislation.

It contains a report by the University's Senate which includes an account of progress during 2012 towards the objectives in the University's Strategic Plan 2011–15, as well as information about University governance and management, staff and student numbers, human resources, equal employment opportunity, occupational health and safety, legal affairs, privacy, risk management, freedom of information, international promotion, and waste and sustainability.

Financial review of 2012

This section provides an overview of our financial performance in 2012.

Financial reports and statements 2012

This section contains the University's audited financial statements for 2012, prepared in line with federal reporting requirements.

If you would like a copy of the Annual Report that can be read by assistive technologies, please contact the Information Management Officer by emailing .