Atom Probe

CAMECA Local Electrode Atom Probe (LEAP) 3000 Si

Voltage Pulse Local Electrode Atom Probe

The LEAP 3000 Si is a straight flight-path system which allows up to 200kHz high voltage pulsing for fast throughput, high data collection efficiency and large field of view. The flight-path length is variable, which allows the user flexibility in choice of mass resolution versus field-of-view.

  • Acquisition rate up to 107 ions per hour.
  • 106 - 3 x 107 atoms per specimen (typ.)
  • Analysis volume: 50 x 50 x 100nm (typ.)
  • Spacial resolution: 0.5nm
  • Mass resolution: FWHM>1/1000


CAMECA Local Electrode Atom Probe (LEAP) 4000X Si

UV Laser Pulse Assisted Local Electrode Atom Probe

The 1 MHz 355 nm UV laser pulse allows the 3D analysis of composition and structure at atomic resolution in non-conductive systems such as ceramics, semiconductors, organics, glasses, oxide layers and even biological materials.





CAMECA IVAS and data dnalysis facilities

Our facility is recognised as a world leading group in the interpretation and quantitative investigation of atom probe data reconstruction, utilising a combination of CAMECA IVAS, MathWorks MATLAB, and unique programming tools.


Example image:
Three-dimensional atom probe image showing the layered spinodal nanostructure in a new ferrous intermetallic alloy. The solid volumes represent isoconcentration surfaces (i.e., surfaces of constant concentration) of the element nickel, indicating regions of the first spinodal phase. Sandwiched between two of these volumes are atoms of manganese and iron, which concentrate in the second spinodal phase.

Specialists: Dr Takanori Sato, Prof. Julie Cairney