Strategic Plan 2011-2015


The School’s domain is the designed environment, from its conception and design, to its inhabitation and performance. The School is committed to the contribution the designed environment makes culturally as an aesthetic practice and materially as the basis for improving the human habitat. To undertake its work it uses the methodologies of architecture, social science, design, science, art, and the humanities. The School’s focus is on process, outcome and analysis.

The School has four overarching disciplines, Architecture, Design, Urban & Regional Planning & Policy, and Architectural & Design Science, each of which has sub-disciplines and, cross linked sub-disciplines both within the School and with other parts of the University.

The School’s objective in research is both to develop knowledge, understanding and critique of its field and to undertake work, which explores the cutting edge of what its disciplines do and offer to humanity. Its research work may be theory based studies - resulting in publication outcomes, or research-practice based outcomes - resulting in systems, artefacts, art, media, or buildings.

The School aspires to be, and to be recognised as, one of the international leaders in education and research in architecture, design and planning. There is strong community interest and high quality demand for its disciplines, strong professional and industry demand, and the pressing need at all levels of society and government for an improved and sustainable built environment. The strength and quality of this demand indicates that the School should significantly expand in order to meet this demand, and to address the major societal and economic challenges of generating appropriate and sustainable built environments.

The School will examine the possibilities for a major expansion of its activities and its engagements. In particular, in the next period, it will explore the possibilities of increasing its undergraduate load, its postgraduate coursework load, its HDR load and its research and research income.

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