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Meet the Team

Group photo of IEQ Group

The IEQ Lab Research Team (from left to right): Craig Roussac, Jungsoo Kim, Dr Christhina Candido, Professor Richard de Dear, Ashak Nathwani and Thomas Parkinson.

Professor Richard de Dear

IEQ Lab Director

Over the last 32 years, Professor Richard de Dear has built a career in the area of human thermal comfort. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers and a dozen books and monographs and is currently the most highly cited author on the topic. Within that body of research it is his work on the “adaptive model of thermal comfort” that has had the greatest impact, underpinning the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers’ thermal comfort standard (ANSI/ASHRAE 55-2010), which has subsequently gone on to informs several other national and international standards/codes around the world, including the Netherlands, Japan, India and China. Richard is currently Head of the Architectural Science Discipline at the University of Sydney.

Dr Christhina Candido

Postdoctoral Fellow (ARC APDI)

Dr Candido holds bachelors and masters degrees in Architecture and Urban Planning at Federal University of Alagoas (Brazil). She holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) and another PhD in Environmental Science from Macquarie University (Australia). Her research at the University of Sydney focuses on indoor environmental quality and bioclimatic design. Christhina is currently a post-doctoral fellow for BOSSA project but she is also involved on other research projects including the Alliesthesia (DP120102761 – DVC Bridging Support), Residential AC Use and Thermal Comfort (DP110105596) and Development of Thermal Comfort Policy for Diverse Portfolio.

Ashak Nathwani

Honorary Associate, Senior Lecturer, PhD Candidate

Ashak has just joined the University of Sydney, after working in the property industry for four decades, mostly as a Consulting Engineer with a leading Australian building services firm, Norman Disney & Young. His work at the University of Sydney includes course coordination and lecturing duties in the Building Services, Facilities Management and Sustainability within the Discipline of Architectural Science. He led the design of the unique air conditioning facilities, including BMCS, incorporated for Chambers 1 & 2 of the IEQ Lab, contributed towards the sourcing of equipment and monetary donations (listed separately) for the Lab and also project managed the building services during the construction of the Lab. He has also led the building services engineering design of our IEQ Lab. He is presently Chairman of the Sustainability Roundtable for Consult Australia and an active member of the Property Council of Australia on several committees, including the Operations and Facility Management (for past 15 years, where he has carried out presentations on Sustainability).

Supervisors: Prof Richard de Dear

Craig Roussac

PhD Candidate

Craig directs the Investa Sustainability Institute's program of action research for sustainability in the built environment through collaborations with The University of Sydney and other Australian research institutions. He also works for Investa Property Group, one of Australia's largest owners of commercial property where he has responsibility for the sustainability, safety and environmental management platforms. Craig has a longstanding interest in energy and buildings and his primary research interest is in how technologies and non-technological factors (personnel) can combine to achieve significant greenhouse gas emission reductions from the operation of buildings. Craig is also a CI on the BOSSA project.

Supervisors: Prof Richard de Dear and Prof Richard Hyde

Dr Densil Cabrera

Cabrera is a senior lecturer in audio and acoustics in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney. He did his PhD in psychoacoustics at the University of Sydney. Earlier degrees include a Master of Arts (University of Technology, Sydney), Graduate Diploma in Communication (University of Technology, Sydney) and Bachelor of Music (University of Sydney). Among other things Cabrera’s contribution to the IEQ Lab was the design of its 24-channel audio system to enable us to simulate an infinite indoor environmental variety of soundscapes.

Emeritus Professor Warren Julian

Julian has received an Order of Australia for service to illumination engineering, particularly in education and research; to educational administration, and to professional associations. The most eminent researcher and educator in the field of illumination in the region, Professor Julian has had a very long association with the University of Sydney, including two periods as Dean of this faculty. A Life Fellow of the Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and NZ; Professor Julian led the graduate Illumination Design program for several decades while also sustaining an outstanding research output. He is the author of 180 books, book chapters, scientific papers and articles on lighting-related subjects

Jungsoo Kim

PhD Candidate

Received his BS in Architectural Engineering from Hanyang University, Seoul in 2002 and MBEnv in Sustainable Development from UNSW, Sydney in 2007. Prior to joining the IEQ Lab at USYD, he worked for the Korean Institute of Construction Technology, where he worked on green building rating schemes, thermal performance of building components, and zero-energy housing. Currently, his PhD project focuses on the relationship between the performance of IEQ factors and occupant satisfaction in office buildings. Jungsoo is also a research assistant on the Development of Thermal Comfort Policy for Diverse Portfolio and BOSSA (LP110200328) projects.

Supervisors: Prof Richard de Dear and Dr Christhina Candido

Thomas Parkinson

PhD Candidate

Parkinson’s PhD project is focused on perception of transient thermal environments. This notion of pleasurable thermal dynamics is at odds with “accepted comfort wisdom” embedded in current international comfort standards and design guides that classify them as sources of discomfort. This project is using the IEQ Lab and advanced physiological monitoring systems. It is exploring the potential of alliesthesia as a ‘new’ comfort paradigm, and introduces thermal pleasure as a metric thermal environments. Thomas is also a research assistant on the Alliesthesia (DP120102761 – DVC Bridging Support), Residential AC Use and Thermal Comfort (DP110105596) and BOSSA (LP110200328) projects and also the development of the IEQ Lab Web and Mobile surveys.

Supervisors: Prof Richard de Dear and Dr Christhina Candido

Fan Zhang

PhD Candidate

Received her BArch in Architecture from Xi’an Jiaotong University, China in 2004 and MSc in Sustainable Building Technology from University of Nottingham, UK in 2010 and MArch in Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2012. She has just joined the IEQ Lab in University of Sydney and started her PhD project, which will be focused on the effects of Demand-Response air-conditioning electricity management strategies on university students’ thermal comfort and task performance in classrooms during summer.

Supervisors: Prof Richard de Dear and Dr Christhina Candido

Hisham Allam

MPhil student

Allam is a certified Mechanical Engineer working in Australia’s Mechanical and Building Services sectors for over 15 years. During this time, HVAC design, Energy Saving Techniques (ABGR), Control Systems, Thermal Comfort, Fire Safety Engineering and Acoustics have become his main areas of specialization. His qualifications include Bachelor of Mechanical Power Engineering, Master of Design Science (Building Services) from the University of Sydney, Green Star Accredited Professional Certification. His M.Phil research project is titled “Retrofitting adaptive comfort strategies into conventionally air-conditioned office buildings.”

Supervisor: Prof Richard de Dear

Associate Professor Wendy Davis

Prior to her recent appointment to the University of Sydney, Davis spent over seven years as a Vision Scientist in the Lighting and Color Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States of America. Wendy earned her Ph.D. (2004) and M.S. (2001) degrees from the University of California, Berkeley in Vision Science.

Honorary Professor Richard Hyde

Associate Professor William Martens

Martens joined the Faculty’s Audio and Acoustics program in 2009. His interest in the influence of architectural acoustics on both musical performance and musical sound reproduction has inspired his research as a perceptual psychologist specializing in spatial hearing research and the simulation of virtual acoustical spaces for human interaction.

Max Deuble

Research Assistant

After receiving his BA in Resource and Environmental Management in 2007 and BA with First Class Honours in Physical Geography in 2008, Max has been a PhD student in Environmental Science at Macquarie University. Max’s research focuses on occupant comfort and indoor environmental quality within green buildings as it relates to climate change mitigation and energy conservation in the built environment. His recent PhD project, entitled ‘Green Occupants for Green Buildings’, explores how occupant expectations and environmental attitudes influence thermal comfort and occupant satisfaction within green buildings. Currently, Max is a research assistant for various IEQ Lab projects and brings to the team knowledge and experience in mixed-mode ventilation, post-occupancy evaluations, environmental psychology and sustainable behaviour change programs.

Paola Jara Cerda

Masters Student

Paola holds a bachelor degree in Architecture at The University of Santiago of Chile. She has worked in Chile in the area of Sustainability and Ergonomics from an architectural design perspective. She is currently enrolled in Sustainable Design and Illumination and a research assistant for Residential AC Use and Thermal Comfort (DP110105596).

Tatiana Schukkert Preisig

Masters Student

Tatiana received her BS in Architecture from Talca University, Chile in 2008. After her diploma she worked as academic coordinator and co-lecturer for two years at the School of Architecture at the University of Talca. In 2010 she won the "Becas Chile" scholarship from the Chilean Government for postgraduate studies at the University of Sydney. She is currently enrolled in Master of Design Science, Sustainable Design and a research assistant for Residential AC Use and Thermal Comfort (DP110105596).