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Our department currently has 99 research students across the Doctor of Philosophy (Architecture) and the Master of Philosophy (Architecture). With the Faculty ranked #1 in New South Wales, #2 in Australia and #17 in the world, the time to extend and deepen your expertise is now.

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Research News

$4M research grant to innovate prefabricated housing industry

Last month a significant $4 million research grant was awarded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) to establish a training centre over the next four years, which will unlock the enormous potential of Australia's prefabricated housing industry.

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Research goes nuts - architects and engineers to develop new Microtimber

Macadamia shells are already used as a biofuel. Australian researchers are now proposing to use the nut's extraordinary properties as a basic element in a new Microtimber, made using pioneering 3D-printing technology. Until now, this technology has been primarily used for small-scale, industrial design products.

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