About the Sydney Bioethics Program

Discussing options

The Sydney Bioethics Program provides a comprehensive overview of the field of bioethics through coursework at postgraduate level. It also allows students to pursue areas of special interest in bioethics, such as biotechnology, clinical ethics, research ethics, public health ethics, health law and mental health ethics.

Academics in the Program are all active researchers with backgrounds in medicine, health law, philosophy, sociology and public health. The program attracts a variety of students from the health professions, health sciences, and the humanities, and provides a stimulating, interdisciplinary environment for learning.

Students can choose to enrol in a Graduate Certificate in Bioethics, a Graduate Diploma in Bioethics or a Master of Bioethics. These qualifications are a unique way for practitioners to add value to an ongoing career in a health-related field. They also provide an ideal bridge into further postgraduate study, such as a doctoral degree.

Units of study that meet on a weekly basis are offered during evenings to suit those who may be unable to attend university during the daytime. All units of study can also be completed through online learning, so the program is accessible to students who are working or living outside of the Sydney area.

What some of our graduates have to say

  • "I was drawn to the Sydney Bioethics Program because of its interdisciplinary approach.” Renata Axler
  • "The Bioethics program gave me the confidence to approach health policy differently." Bridget Haire
  • "It may seem strange for a chaplain to pursue a degree in a secular institution, but completing the Sydney Bioethics Program helped me to pursue my vocation as an ethicist in new ways.”
    Doug Hutchinson