New approach

NSW Premier Mike Baird launched the Brain and Mind Centre to address some of the most critical health issues of the 21st century.

Be part of a global health and wellbeing survey


New research highlights need to effectively treat
first episodes of depression in young people.


Dr Manreena Kaur awarded Society of Mental Health
Research Early Career Researcher award from funds
raised during ABC's Mental As campaign last October.

Headspace under threat

Professor Ian Hickie is concerned young people will be turned away from clinics because funding has been frozen.

Brain and Mind Centre

Disorders affecting the brain and mind – such as substance abuse, autism, depression and dementia – are among the greatest health challenges we face in the 21st century. These diseases are devastating for those affected, their families, and society – costing the Australian economy an estimated $30 billion each year.

We are committed to leading generational change for disorders of the brain and mind.

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