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Crowdfunding venture backs individual quest for something better

Crowdfunding venture backs individual quest for something better

The urgent need for a new and innovative way to empower the most vulnerable in our society became glaringly apparent to commerce student Charles Zhang during a perchance conversation with a magazine vendor in the

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Flexibility, employment and gender equality

Flexibleworking arrangements for both men and women in the workplace can boost corporate profits through profitability gains, Dr Rae Cooper explains.

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The keys to unlocking innovation

When developing a strategy for engaging with start-ups, Dr Massimo Garbuio states that big companies need to have the right mindset to successfully capture the start-up attitude to expose untapped assets and fuel innovation.

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What's on

6th April

Understanding the Fourth Industrial Revolution

As part of CEDA’s Innovation and Disruption series, CEDA is set to examine the fourth industrial revolution and its impacts on society due to the trend of automation, the internet of things, cloud computing, and advanced data analytics.

12th April

MBA and Postgraduate Business Information Session

Discover how to take your career further or in a completely new direction at the University of Sydney Business School's MBA and Postgraduate Information Session.

20th April

Introductory Workshop for NVivo 11

Workshop 1 will focus on NVivo’s basic sorting, classifying and querying tools. You will learn how these tools can be effectively used towards the development of your literature review.

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