Postgraduate Research Studies

The Discipline of Accounting's research profile is diverse, reflecting its pioneering contribution to the decision-usefulness debate, extant research paradigms and emerging research areas. Thus, members of the Accounting Discipline are actively pursuing research into:

  • The role of accounting information in decision making in private sector and public sector settings;
  • The role of "fundamentals in explaining market value and takeovers
  • Analysing corporate collapses and identifying the role of accounting;
  • Directors' obligations and accountability;
  • The economic impact of and corporate responses to accounting regulation;
  • The role of accounting in corporate governance regimes;
  • International accounting;
  • Inflation accounting;
  • Extended Reporting;- including environmental and social reporting and accounting for intellectual capital;
  • Accounting history;
  • Public sector accounting and accountability;
  • Human judgement and decision making.

The Discipline has a vigorous postgraduate research program and offers the following research degrees:

The Discipline of Accounting Postgraduate Research Coordinator is Associate Professor Jane Andrew.